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Fellowship, Prayer, Encouragement and Wisdom

We spent this past Sunday with the Wilton’s and Mush Creek Baptist sharing about our calling to Costa Rica.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship with them.  Jacob and I got to share during Sunday School with the church about Costa Rica and their need for the message of Grace.  Jacob then spoke about Grace during the worship service.  We really enjoyed the music during each of the services.  The Wilton’s are a musical family.  Rod played the guitar and led the worship while his wife played the piano and his daughter Haley played an instrument called the dgimbo (not quite sure of the spelling, but it was an African drum). 

We then went back to their house and enjoyed a very peaceful afternoon with all of them.  I know I used the word peaceful.  Christi and her husband Bobby have four children.  Their oldest is just a few days younger than Benjamin and their daughters were the same age as Lizzie Grace and Sophia.  All six of them had a great time and played wonderfully together.  They also have a 9 month old little boy who was so happy the whole afternoon even though he did not get a nap!  I was at North Greenville College with Christi, Bobby and Haley.  It was fun seeing how the Lord has been working in their lives and using them since we graduated.

After a wonderful afternoon we went back over to the church and shared with them how we are going to answer God’s calling in Costa Rica.  Gerry Touchet also got to share her heart and her experiences in Costa Rica.  It was a wonderful time of sharing and prayer and encouragement. 

Rod shared a scripture that he is asking his congregation to pray over.  Proverbs 24:3-6 “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.  A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength; For waging war you need guidance and…for victory many advisers.”  We are joining this church in prayer over this verse, but we were also encouraged and see the wisdom of this verse in application to our mission in Costa Rica. 

As you can see we had a wonderful day of fellowship, prayer, encouragement and wisdom.  We made many new friends and were encouraged by Mush Creek.   Their prayers for us are so special.  We cling to the wisdom of Rod’s words and his preaching of God’s word on Sunday.  Thank you for this special day.

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Sweet Reunion

Kershaw Presbyterian ChurchOn Wednesday we all loaded up and went to Kershaw.  Of course we had to get the TV in the car situated with just the right movie.  We then had to drive three hours to get there.  However, it was nice and quiet because my sister’s car that we are borrowing has that TV.  We arrived in town just in time to have lunch at one of my favorite places, Cromers.  The food was wonderful.  I have to eat there every time I go home.  Then we all headed over to daddy’s office to get our teeth cleaned!  Everyone did great, even Sophia got her teeth “tickled!”  After everyone’s teeth were cleaned we went back to mom and dad’s house and I worked on our power point presentation.  Jacob and practiced it, but because I was changing some parts, it was rough.  We trusted God would help us to share what He would have us to share.

After that we went to the church to get things set up for our sharing about Costa Rica.  Of course, I have no computer skills, but thankfully Mr. Greene was there to help me get everything set up.  And then everyone started arriving.  Jacob and I felt such love.  Most of the people that showed up we had not seen in years.  It was such a sweet time of reunion with the church that I grew up in.  Some of my friends from high school came as well and it was nice being able to catch up and see each other.  We ate and then it was our time to share about Costa Rica.  We could feel the prayers of everyone back home as we were calmed and strengthened as we spoke by the Lord and your prayers.  The presentation was smoother than anytime that we had practiced it.  God is so good.  Afterwards they took up an offering and we had a chance to greet everyone that had come.  We were so encouraged by their love, enthusiasm and support for us going to Costa Rica.  Thank you to everyone who came on Wednesday night and thank you to everyone who prayed for us.

After we left I realized that I had forgotten my camera in the car.   Unfortunately we have no pictures of us with our wonderful evening.  After we left I went to visit with my “partner in crime” growing up, Cami or as I called her, Camus (she called me Courtnus [long story:)]).  Jacob and I got to spend time catching up with her and her husband.  What a sweet way to end a great day.

The next day we had to eat at Gus’ before we pulled out of town.  For those of you who have not been to Kershaw, Gus’ is the best Greek food you can find anywhere.  Gus’ daughter and I were great friends in high school and we spent much time there or at their house eating yummy Greek treats.  I will have to figure out some way to get that salad dressing to Costa Rica!!!  We then got on the road and headed back to Easley.

Thank you to everyone in Kershaw who spent Wednesday night listening to how and why the Lord has called to Costa Rica.  We truly felt the love.  Your support is so special to us. 

P.S.  I will be working on adding the pictures that I did remember to take, so come back and see those!

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“All By Myself”

Benjamin and friends at school

Benjamin’s class today read the script “All By Myself” taken from the story about the “Little Red Hen.”  You remember the story.  The Little Red Hen finds wheat and wants to make bread, but none of her friends will help her.  She asks for help during different stages of the preparation…the cutting the wheat…the grinding of the wheat into flour…baking the bread.  During each of these stages her friends are all too busy to help her.  Then she asks them to help her eat the bread and all of her friends are ready to help with this part. 

It got me thinking about how fortunate we are to have friends that are not too busy to help us in all of our preparations for Costa Rica.  I think of Jeff and Lisa who immediately volunteered to watch our kids for us while we traveled to Costa Rica for a week and then again while we went for training in Mississippi.  I think of my friends like Christina and Amy who have been an emotional support for me even though they are sad that we are leaving.  I think of our Pastor Johnny who continues to work tirelessly with us through this entire process.  I think of Beth and Amy coming over late last winter on a cold night to help me get a ton of stuff ready for a yard sale.  Of Beth’s husband Tom and Jacob’s dad who helped us move, even though it was new year’s eve and Beth providing us with new year’s eve snacks!  I think of Mike, Kyle and Abby Puckett who worked hard to prepare Kyle’s mom’s house for us to live in.  I think of all of the people in the praise team, Christina, Lloyd, Jeff, Mike, Will and Chris and their spouses who spent last Friday night and Saturday working hard for the music for our Commissioning Service.  I think of the ladies of our church, Ruthie, Sue, Lynn, Kerry, Janice C., and Janice L., and Deborah, who worked hard on Saturday to prepare a gourmet meal for us and Wes and Jan White.  Wes and Jan White who drove all the way to Easley, South Carolina from Tupelo, Mississippi to speak at our Commissioning Service.  I think of our families that have given vehicles for us to drive.  Even today, Linda Threatt took some pictures of Benjamin today because I forgot my camera and quickly sent them to me.  So many people have sacrificed their time and resources for us.  There are many more that I have not mentioned, but that would take forever.  Many others have also donated financially already to the Lord’s work in Costa Rica and we have not left yet. 

Most of all it made me realize that even without all of these friends and family that have surrounded us and supported us that our Lord and Saviour will never leave us.  We will never be “all by ourselves” on the missionfield.  And you will never be by yourself whereever you are in the world if Jesus Christ is your Saviour.

Deut. 31:8 “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

It was true when Moses spoke those words to Joshua and all of Isreal and it is still true to this day for all of God’s people.
Have a blessed day.


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Our wonderful, busy weekend!

Wow!  This past weekend started out wonderfully with our friends from the praise team at church all meeting at the Merritt’s lake house on Friday afternoon to fellowship and practice music!  We had a wonderful time!  We even got to go out on the lake!  While we were all the way out on the other side of the lake, it started pouring rain!  Thankfully our guide quickly pulled up the cover and Jeff and Chris stood up and held a tarp like thing up to shield us from the down pour.  But that did not stop us from breaking out in song!  Of course someone starting singing the theme to Gilligan’s Island, which then we all joined in on!  It was hilarious! 

Saturday night the Christopher’s hosted a dinner at their house for us and Wes and Jan White from Global Outreach!  We had a wonderful time fellowshipping over supper!

Sunday was just a beautiful day in the Lord.  It is hard to put into words the Commissioning Service.  The hard work of the praise team paid off and none of us broke down crying as we thought we were going to do.  It was especially hard during the song My Desire by Jeremy Camp, but the Lord brought us through.  Wes’ sermon, WOW!  He could not have added one more word to make it any better!  He was such an encouragement to us and our church!  Many people have since come up to me and said how he encouraged and inspired them towards missions! 

And the sweet prayers from our church family.  The tears that we shed are not only because we will be sad to leave such a sweet fellowship, but we are still in awe that the Lord has chosen to use us!  He could have asked anybody else to serve Him and His people in Costa Rica and He chose us!  We are happy, excited, nervous, scared, thrilled…to serve Him in this way.  Please continue to pray!

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