Our wonderful, busy weekend!

06 May

Wow!  This past weekend started out wonderfully with our friends from the praise team at church all meeting at the Merritt’s lake house on Friday afternoon to fellowship and practice music!  We had a wonderful time!  We even got to go out on the lake!  While we were all the way out on the other side of the lake, it started pouring rain!  Thankfully our guide quickly pulled up the cover and Jeff and Chris stood up and held a tarp like thing up to shield us from the down pour.  But that did not stop us from breaking out in song!  Of course someone starting singing the theme to Gilligan’s Island, which then we all joined in on!  It was hilarious! 

Saturday night the Christopher’s hosted a dinner at their house for us and Wes and Jan White from Global Outreach!  We had a wonderful time fellowshipping over supper!

Sunday was just a beautiful day in the Lord.  It is hard to put into words the Commissioning Service.  The hard work of the praise team paid off and none of us broke down crying as we thought we were going to do.  It was especially hard during the song My Desire by Jeremy Camp, but the Lord brought us through.  Wes’ sermon, WOW!  He could not have added one more word to make it any better!  He was such an encouragement to us and our church!  Many people have since come up to me and said how he encouraged and inspired them towards missions! 

And the sweet prayers from our church family.  The tears that we shed are not only because we will be sad to leave such a sweet fellowship, but we are still in awe that the Lord has chosen to use us!  He could have asked anybody else to serve Him and His people in Costa Rica and He chose us!  We are happy, excited, nervous, scared, thrilled…to serve Him in this way.  Please continue to pray!

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