Sweet Reunion

18 May

Kershaw Presbyterian ChurchOn Wednesday we all loaded up and went to Kershaw.  Of course we had to get the TV in the car situated with just the right movie.  We then had to drive three hours to get there.  However, it was nice and quiet because my sister’s car that we are borrowing has that TV.  We arrived in town just in time to have lunch at one of my favorite places, Cromers.  The food was wonderful.  I have to eat there every time I go home.  Then we all headed over to daddy’s office to get our teeth cleaned!  Everyone did great, even Sophia got her teeth “tickled!”  After everyone’s teeth were cleaned we went back to mom and dad’s house and I worked on our power point presentation.  Jacob and practiced it, but because I was changing some parts, it was rough.  We trusted God would help us to share what He would have us to share.

After that we went to the church to get things set up for our sharing about Costa Rica.  Of course, I have no computer skills, but thankfully Mr. Greene was there to help me get everything set up.  And then everyone started arriving.  Jacob and I felt such love.  Most of the people that showed up we had not seen in years.  It was such a sweet time of reunion with the church that I grew up in.  Some of my friends from high school came as well and it was nice being able to catch up and see each other.  We ate and then it was our time to share about Costa Rica.  We could feel the prayers of everyone back home as we were calmed and strengthened as we spoke by the Lord and your prayers.  The presentation was smoother than anytime that we had practiced it.  God is so good.  Afterwards they took up an offering and we had a chance to greet everyone that had come.  We were so encouraged by their love, enthusiasm and support for us going to Costa Rica.  Thank you to everyone who came on Wednesday night and thank you to everyone who prayed for us.

After we left I realized that I had forgotten my camera in the car.   Unfortunately we have no pictures of us with our wonderful evening.  After we left I went to visit with my “partner in crime” growing up, Cami or as I called her, Camus (she called me Courtnus [long story:)]).  Jacob and I got to spend time catching up with her and her husband.  What a sweet way to end a great day.

The next day we had to eat at Gus’ before we pulled out of town.  For those of you who have not been to Kershaw, Gus’ is the best Greek food you can find anywhere.  Gus’ daughter and I were great friends in high school and we spent much time there or at their house eating yummy Greek treats.  I will have to figure out some way to get that salad dressing to Costa Rica!!!  We then got on the road and headed back to Easley.

Thank you to everyone in Kershaw who spent Wednesday night listening to how and why the Lord has called to Costa Rica.  We truly felt the love.  Your support is so special to us. 

P.S.  I will be working on adding the pictures that I did remember to take, so come back and see those!

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