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2nd Presbyterian Church

On June 20 we went back to share with our friends at 2nd Presbyterian in downtown Greenville.  We had such a great time reuniting with old friends.  We were so encouraged by the friends that came and their excitement about God’s work in Costa Rica.  Church family is family to us.  Even though we had not seen many of these people in almost 3 years it was like we had just seen them all the week before.  The love and relationships were still there.  The bond that Christians have is wonderful.  I, of course, had my camera in hand and when I saw Kathy I put it down in the car to go give her a hug and forgot to take it in.  I was so close to remembering to take pictures and yet again I forgot!  We miss our family there.  But we can see how God has orchestrated our lives to get us to the point that we are now and on our way to Costa Rica.  We are fortunate to have many churches that we consider our home churches.  One neat thing is how all of them have united behind the work of the Lord and His people in Costa Rica that need to be reached!  Thank you to Kathy Karr for getting together everyone for this wonderful night!  We love you all!

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An Unexpected Gift

  Okay, so let me set the stage.  For those of you who don’t already know, I sing in the praise band at my church.  Well our leaders Lloyd and Christina Shockley were out of town today.  We knew that in advance and those of us who were still going to be at church this morning practiced for Sunday last Wednesday night.  This is what we do every week.  Nothing new.  Well we talked Abby Puckett into singing with us.  For those of you who do not know Abby she goes to Easley High school and is a very talented musician.  She sings, plays the guitar, the flute and she writes songs (all of which are glorifying to the Lord).  Her father Mike plays the guitar for our praise team.  Well during practice we agreed that Abby and Mike would play a song that she wrote from Ephesians for the offering today. 

  So here we are today.  I almost did not go to church this morning because I had gotten a bad sunburn on Wednesday and have been pretty miserable and I just wanted to sleep.  However, I got up, got ready and amazingly I started to feel better.  We went to church and warmed up and practiced during Sunday school like normal.  We get up and sing the first song “In Christ Alone” and the hymn “It is well with My Soul” and then prayed for the offering and then it was time for Abby, Mike and Jeff to do Abby’s Ephesians song.  Well, to my surprise Jeff sat down and I thought to myself, well he taught Sunday school and did not practice with them this morning, so maybe he decided he was not ready to play the song with them.  So Chris and I sit down and Mike and Abby start searching for music, which again was odd to me because Abby knows her song by heart, but I thought maybe she is nervous and needs the words in front of her.  Then Abby says, “My dad and I were inspired to write a song and dedicate it to the Folks.”  I was in shock.  I knew nothing about this!  I looked at Chris for and explanation and he just looked at me and said, “It is a new song” and was smiling from ear to ear.  Well unfortunately we do not record the music portion of our service, so I do not have it recorded, but it is an absolutely beautiful, appropriate, like they went into my heart and spoke the words that were there even though I did not know how to even express them to the Lord.  They spoke them for us and beautifully to the Lord and our church.  I cried the entire song.  Here are the words…

LET’S RUN (dedicated to the Folks), Written by Abby Puckett

What’s my mission…Lord please tell me…Cause to tell you the truth…it terrifies me.  I’ve put my faith in you…to keep me strong.  Lead my family…to where we belong…But how do I know…it will be safe…What about my little girls…and my little boy…What about the life and love we’re leaving…behind…all our faith is in You!

Let your will be done…I will follow the Sun…Let your will be done…I’m your feet, Let’s run.

Lord guide the way…shine a light onto the world…be a lamp unto my feet…and a light unto my path…guide us through each day…give us the words to say…to share Your Word through Your LOVE.

Let your will be done…I will follow the Sun…Let your will be done…I’m Your feet…I’m Your feet…Let’s Run…


Let Your will be done…I will follow Your Son!  Let Your will be done…I’m Your feet……………..Let’s Run (repeat)

  Isn’t that amazing!  I do not think that there was a dry eye in the church.  They wrote that song just this past Friday!!!!  It was beautiful.  It really is amazing to me that they could speak for us in such a perfect, profound way.  It was such an unexpected gift to us.  We will cherish it forever!  I hope to get a recording of it and find a way to play it on our blog.  The Puckett’s are a special family to us with an amazing testimony of God’s saving grace.  Abby has such a bright future ahead of her.  I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses her as she continues to grow into a beautiful young woman who truly loves the Lord.  And to all of you who knew about this gift and kept it a secret THANK YOU because it was so special.  The hard part was getting up to sing the next song…I sort of sung the song…I cried a lot…but our Lord is just so good…His love is so special to us…we feel it in our church family and friends…how could we not sacrifice this passing life here in America and tell people through out this world…living Costa Rica and spreading this love…His love…His grace…His forgiveness…HIS UNEXPECTED AND ULTIMATE GIFT…THANK YOU MIKE and ABBY!!!!!!!   



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Charlesboro Baptist and One last trip to Charleston

We had a wonderful week sharing in Kershaw and in Charleston with family and friends. On Wednesday night we went to Charlesboro Baptist church. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement. My dad’s dental assistant Darlene set this up with her church. Please pray for Darlene’s mom, by the way. Darlene was not able to attend on Wednesday night because earlier on Wednesday she had to take her mother to the hospital. She has congestive heart failure. Please pray for her health and her family as they serve her during this. We were sad that Darlene could not be there. However, we were met with love and warmth from the congregation there. Jacob and I seem to change our presentation every time that we do it, but it went well. We made new friends and partners in the Lord’s work in Costa Rica.

We left Kershaw on Thursday afternoon and headed to John’s Island, SC to stay with my cousin Kim and her husband Gary while we waited to speak at their church on Saturday. We arrived in good time to arroz con pollo or rice and chicken. A wonderful typical Costa Rican meal. The kids were shy upon first arriving, but soon they opened up. They got their own room to sleep in and amazingly after story time they went right to sleep. Kim had hooked us up with preparations for the beach. Benjamin and Lizzie Grace had only been to the beach one time before this and Sophia had never been. So we set off early on Friday to Kiawah beach for the morning. The kids were so cute. They thought that it looked like a big sand box. They went in the ocean, and there was a small stream of water where the water was running back to the ocean from high tide that made a perfect “kiddy ocean!” We built a sand castle, even though we did not have any buckets or shovels.  Then we had a picnic with the preparations that Kim provided at the beach.  At Kim’s house we had no cell phone signal and no internet, so it was nice to relax and play with the kids with no interruptions. 

On Saturday we met with friends and family at Kim’s church where we shared our calling with them.  It went well.  It was sad though because we will probably not be back in the Charleston area before we leave for Costa Rica. We were greatly encouraged though by the love and support that was shared while we were there. Thank you to those of you who came and for those of you who prayed for us as we travel. Thank you most of all to our Lord and Savior for loving us so that we can love others. 

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Children involved creatively in missions

The GA\'s of Mt. Moriah



Something very exciting happened last night.  The GA’s of Mt. Moriah Baptist church (our home church)biked last night to raise money for our children’s school supplies and Sunday School materials.  While we are in Costa Rica all the church functions that we attend will be in Spanish.  Initially we will not know the language and will be in language school.  Therefore Jacob and I will have to lead Benjamin, Lizzie Grace, and Sophia in Sunday school ourselves.  We will also not have the encouraging Christian radio stations to listen to.  Or a Christian bookstore right around the corner where we can stop by anytime and get encouraging materials for us or the kids.  We had been praying for materials to encourage our “troops” with when Melissa Hood asked if the GA’s could be involved in raising support for us.  She had a bike-a-thon in mind and was wondering how we could use the funds.  It immediately came to mind that these children can minister to our children with this by providing these encouraging materials. 

  The GA’s were Anna Hood, Emma Shirley, Kaelyn Calk, Lydia Merrit, Emma Merrit, Hannah Touchet.  They were are led by Melissa Hood and Sandra Nalley.  It was probably the hottest day of the year so far.  It was around 95 degrees!  The girls were tough though.  They had a nice crowd cheering them on and plenty of ice water.  Amazingly the girls biked 30 miles for our children!  Such hard work to benefit others.  Our estimation is that they raised between $500 and $600 for these supplies.  They are now going to go to The Spanish Language Institute’s website (see our links) and down load the kids’ school supply list and go and purchase these items themselves so that they can see what they were working towards.  They will also be supplying their Sunday school materials.  Then they will present them to our kids. 

Thank you GAs!!!!! 

By the way, this is going to be an annual fund raiser that they are going to do for us.  How exciting it is to see children involved first hand in missions.

If you would like to get children you know involved in missions and have a creative idea that will help, let us know.  Help us spread the love of Christ and His grace in Costa Rica.

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