Children involved creatively in missions

05 Jun

The GA\'s of Mt. Moriah



Something very exciting happened last night.  The GA’s of Mt. Moriah Baptist church (our home church)biked last night to raise money for our children’s school supplies and Sunday School materials.  While we are in Costa Rica all the church functions that we attend will be in Spanish.  Initially we will not know the language and will be in language school.  Therefore Jacob and I will have to lead Benjamin, Lizzie Grace, and Sophia in Sunday school ourselves.  We will also not have the encouraging Christian radio stations to listen to.  Or a Christian bookstore right around the corner where we can stop by anytime and get encouraging materials for us or the kids.  We had been praying for materials to encourage our “troops” with when Melissa Hood asked if the GA’s could be involved in raising support for us.  She had a bike-a-thon in mind and was wondering how we could use the funds.  It immediately came to mind that these children can minister to our children with this by providing these encouraging materials. 

  The GA’s were Anna Hood, Emma Shirley, Kaelyn Calk, Lydia Merrit, Emma Merrit, Hannah Touchet.  They were are led by Melissa Hood and Sandra Nalley.  It was probably the hottest day of the year so far.  It was around 95 degrees!  The girls were tough though.  They had a nice crowd cheering them on and plenty of ice water.  Amazingly the girls biked 30 miles for our children!  Such hard work to benefit others.  Our estimation is that they raised between $500 and $600 for these supplies.  They are now going to go to The Spanish Language Institute’s website (see our links) and down load the kids’ school supply list and go and purchase these items themselves so that they can see what they were working towards.  They will also be supplying their Sunday school materials.  Then they will present them to our kids. 

Thank you GAs!!!!! 

By the way, this is going to be an annual fund raiser that they are going to do for us.  How exciting it is to see children involved first hand in missions.

If you would like to get children you know involved in missions and have a creative idea that will help, let us know.  Help us spread the love of Christ and His grace in Costa Rica.

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One response to “Children involved creatively in missions

  1. Beth and Tom McCall

    June 7, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    This is so encouraging to read! What great news- I know your kids are excited.


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