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Jacob gets the last laugh!

Okay so everyone knows that while we were still in South Carolina we drove the ClemBama mobile.  You know the Suburban with a Clemson magnet on one side and an Alabama magnet on the other side.  Usually we can pull for both teams without any problems…until last night.  So there was some taunting from both sides with Jacob pulling for Alabama and me pulling of course for Clemson.  We fretted until the last minute as to whether or not we were even going to be able to find a way to watch the game.  Well, our wonderful neighbors, the Prathers who have a TV called us at 6:06 (Costa Rican time) and said, “It’s on!  Come on over!”  So we did.

Cathy Prather had fixed some yucca soup which we had never had.  And of course, me being the wonderful wife, I got Jacob a bowl and some bread and a drink for him so that he would not have to get up from the game.  Cathy has different colored plates and bowls and cups, so I got Jacob the orange ones and made him eat his yucca soup out of that.  In Costa Rica you don’t eat hotwings at a football get together!  Although we did smell someone grilling out.  We did not have that luxury.  It was yucca soup for us.  Kind of like a potato soup.  Anyway, I thought it was funny.  I have a picture…

Jacob being forced to eat off of an orange plate and bowl

Jacob being forced to eat off of an orange plate and bowl

So we think that it is funny and we have a good laugh.  Well that was about the only laugh that I had the rest of the night.  Jacob got the last laugh as Alabama and the Crimson Tide wiped out Clemson.  Had it not been for the good food and the great company, the whole night would have been a loss.  It was however, only a game, and life goes on.  We all had fun and more games are coming.  I must say for both of us “Roll Tide” and “Go Tigers.”  We are still true to our teams and stand behind them win or loose.


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Birthdays In A Box

Wow!!  What a blessing.  This week the kids each received their “birthdays in a box” thanks to Anne Mungo and Charlesboro Baptist Church.  For those of you that don’t know, all of our children have birthdays in August.  Well we decided to have a birthday party with our friends and family before we left.  I had asked that they give the kids either useful gifts like bed sheets or very small gifts because we were limited in the space that we could bring stuff down in.  The children, by God’s grace alone, had such a great attitude about giving up their toys in the states and receiving far less than they were accustomed to for their birthdays.  Well Charlesboro Baptist wanted to do something about that and they sure did.

 Jacob got a phone call on Friday afternoon from a fellow student stating that we had boxes up at the school post office.  Well, I was at Hiper Mas with another student and Jacob had all of the kids and he did not feel comfortable carrying the boxes and getting the kids home safely with his hands full so he waited.  Well, by the time that I got home, the school post office was locked and we were told that we could not get in until Monday.  So we waited…

Well getting mail here is a big deal for everyone at the school.  If someone gets even one package everyone is talking and wondering what the other has received in the mail.  And people are usually amazed that something makes it here intact.  So early Monday morning our neighbor was going to check his mail and knew that we had packages and offered to pick ours up for us.  Well before he got back, Jacob got back and I decided I wanted to go and see what the post office was like and maybe take some pictures of the school and help out with our packages.  Before I got to the school I ran into Lynn on the street, our neighbor and fellow GO missionary that was picking up our packages.  Well it was a good thing that he went because they were huge.  With great anticipation we rushed home with the packages.  The kids saw them and ran to the gate to watch us get them in.  Well once we brought them inside all the chaos began.  It was wonderful.  The kids each had rubbermaid like boxes labeled with their names with all kind of goodies inside.  They tore into them like it was Christmas morning.  They had such a great time saying “ooo look at this” and “ohh look at that!!!”  They got Christian movies, CDs, coloring books, Polly pockets, Transformers, coloring pencils, play dough, kites (which there is a wonderful kite flying park down the street!), jump rope, balls, snuggle bears…!!!  It was amazing.  It was like they each got to celebrate their birthdays all over again.  And because of our inability to bring down a bunch of things when we came their birthday party at home did not include a lot of big toys, mostly smaller items that could fit in their carry on.  Which they still loved.  But because of the love and generosity of the folks at Charlesboro Baptist our kids received their Birthdays in a Box and got to have things that they were not able to bring down.  I took a picture of all of the toys laid out on our table and it filled the table!!!  Thank you Charlesboro Baptist.  This was really special for our children.  They had only been allowed to bring down a few toys and this meant so much to them to have more toys down here to occupy them.  Your love is felt here and we appreciate it.  Check out the pictures.

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Church in Cot

We have enjoyed tremendously our travel to Cot for the last 3 weeks to worship with the new believers there as well as our brother Francisco.  This week Francisco had written on a dry erase board in English for us the order of worship so that we would understand.  It was wonderful.  The children’s church again had 7 children.  The teacher of the children is wonderful.  Her name is Mireya Zanches.  She is an artist and this week she had made puppets and taught the children with them.  They absolutely loved it.  All of the children giggled as she stooped behind the kitchen counter and spoke with a silly voice for the puppets.  She had a bar of soap and one puppet thought that she could clean her heart with the soap by eating it and she learned quickly that it was yucky and the other puppet told her that only Jesus could clean her heart.  The children just loved it.  Then the children went back in the service to listen to Francisco’s sermon.  This week he preached on James 1:  1-12.  He spoke and although we could not understand all of what he was saying, the people responded.  We have enjoyed getting to know the small flock that Francisco has in Cot.  There are a few that understand and speak a little English and they have helped us get to know the others.  I have especially enjoyed getting to know Mireya.  Which makes the rest of this blog sad to write.  One thing we have realized is that the cost of driving to Cot every Sunday is more than we have budgeted for.  We have to take a taxi because the bus system does not go into Cot.  So we are now faced with not going to as often as we would like.  We will only be able to go twice a month with the funds that we have.  We have been praying and gather facts for a vehicle.  We are asking that you would pray about this with us.  We realize that we have only been down here for three weeks and feel that we have learned that things unfortunately are more expensive than we had anticipated.  Our funding for everything else will be sufficient.  The only area that we underestimated was taxi fares.  We appreciate you joining in this area.   Here are pictures from church this past Sunday and Children’s church.

Mireya and her hand made puppets teaching the kids

Mireya and her hand made puppets teaching the kids

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The Feria

This past Saturday we went to the Feria or the local Farmers’ Market that is about a 10 minute walk from our house.  It is in a local park every Saturday.  It was really neat.  Farmers come from all over to set up their stands with thier produce.  Benjamin was not too hip on all of the smells, but to me it smelled like a mixture of citrus and cilantro (which by the way is corlantro here and cilantro in Mexico and we were quickly corrected)!  Gotta get it right.  We spent about an hour there getting a lot of different things to try to figure out how I could cook it.  We spent about 16 US dollars there and got enough vegetables and fruit to fill up a small table that we have in our kitchen!  It was amazing.  Later that day we had our friends and fellow GO missionaries Cohen and Amie Ezelle and their children over for dinner.  I made a great vegetable soup and fruit salad.  Here are the pictures.


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A Thought Concerning our Shepherd

We have been reading a book called “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23” by Phillip Keller.  We have read this book many times.  It is written by an experienced shepherd that became a pastor.  We highly recommend this book.  This is a thought that encouraged us…

“A point worthy of mention here is that whenever the shepherd opens a gate into fresh pasture the sheep are filled with excitement.  As they go through the gate even the staid old ewes will often kick up their heels and leap with delight at the prospect of finding fresh feed.  How they enjoy being led onto new ground….God wants us all to move on with Him.  He wants us to walk with Him.  He wants it not only for our welfare but for the benefit of others as well as His own dear reputation.  Perhaps there are those who think He expects too much of us.  Maybe they feel the demands are too drastic.  Some may even consider His call impossible to carry out.  It would be if we had to depend on self determination, or self discipline to succeed.  But if we are in earnest about wanting to do His will, and to be led, He makes this possible by His own gracious Spirit who is given to those who obey (Acts 5:32).  For it is He who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13).”

We hope that this section of this book, as it highlights what those of us who are not shepherds might not fully understand about that imagery in the Bible, has encouraged you as it did us.  We feel that He has led our family to the new pastures of Costa Rica.  We are thrilled to follow His lead.   We only can be this way because we are leaning on Him and letting Him be our guide and our source for all our needs, our Great Shepherd.  We are trying to do our best to be diligent and wise with our decision making.  We are seeking to do His will and to bring Him glory.  That is all.  Please continue to pray for us.  That we would be humble sheep that glorify God.


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Our Views

More of the view

The view from the front porch

These are some of our views from our front porch.  It is beautiful both day and night.  On clear nights you can see houses twinkling on the mountain side.  When it rains the mountains are completely covered by the clouds.  Sometimes when you look at our house from the street you see this view….

The kids climbing our iron front door!

The kids climbing our iron front door!

They started climbing things as soon as we pulled up to the house.  It is like they turned into monkeys once we arrived here!!!!  They seems to still be adjusting well.  Please continue to pray for our health.

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Thank you Jeff and Lisa

Wow.  Where can I start?  We want everyone to know how thankful we are that Jeff was able to come to Costa Rica with us.  He helped us in so many ways.  The trip down would have been so much more difficult without him.  He enabled us to go to Hiper Mas (Costa Rica’s Wal-Mart) without the children in order to buy things to help get the household settled.  The trip took 4 hours, imagine what that would have been like with all of our kids.  He also stood on our porch and was a basketball goal for the kids.  We also were able to have help in taxis because Jeff speaks more Spanish than we do and he was able to help us get to places on our own.  He also helped set up all of our computer equipment and that allowed us to immediately be in contact with everyone.  He enabled the kids to have something from back home like horsing around with him.  He encouraged us and allowed us to be just plain tired and rest.   It was hard to say goodbye on Wednesday, but we had to.  Thank you Lisa for going with out Jeff for our benefit.  For sacrificing days while you were sick and could have used his care.  Your friendship is so special to us.  We love you guys.  Thanks.

Jeff with Benjamin and Lizzie Grace at cafe Fresas

Jeff with Benjamin and Lizzie Grace at cafe Fresas

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