Reunited with Francisco

11 Aug
Us all crammed in a taxi going to church.  The kids' first taxi ride.

Us all crammed in a taxi going to church. The kids' first taxi ride.

Well, we were able to attend church today with Francisco for the first time in Cot.  It was so exciting.  There was actually a team there from Enon Baptist at the same time and that was wonderful too.  We all got up early here, about 6am because we are still on South Carolina time.  Well, Lizzie Grace is on South Carolina time and she wakes everyone up.  So we were able to have lots of time to wake up and get ready.  We called a taxi that was recommended by our big brother Cohen and had it meet us at the school because that is the only landmark that we know to tell him.  For those of you who don’t already know, Costa Rica does not have street names, so you cannot tell people what your address is and they show up there.  You have to tell them where you are according to well known or easily spotted landmarks.  So we got the taxi with Manuel and he took us directly to Cot.  It did cost us more than expected to make this trip, but it was well worth it.  As we walked down the street from the Catholic church, again a landmark where the taxi could take us, plus the road turns into a dirt road at that point, we could see Egidio’s bus and the folks from Enon and there was Francisco greeting everyone in front of the church.  We waited patiently until he noticed us.  When he saw us he immediately came over and greeted us and our children.  It was wonderful.   I cannot speak for Jacob or Jeff, but I know that I had tears in my eyes.  It was so great to finally be here.  We greeted everyone from Enon.  They helped us by bringing down some of our things including our favorite coffee pot.  You need a great coffee pot when you live in Costa Rica. 

It was a great service.  Francisco started it with some hymns in Spanish of course, but we recognized them as Holy, Holy, Holy and What a Friend We Have In Jesus.  Then we heard some testimonies from some of the folks from Enon.  Then we introduced ourselves.  Then Josh’s sweet wife sang a song which also brought tears to my eyes.  It was just that we were finally in the place that God wanted us to be.  And seeing the Cot residence that were in attendance was so emotional for me.  There was even a young couple with a three month old named Sophia.  Then it was time for children’s church and the sermon was preached by Josh Jennings because he was with the Enon team.  I went with the children to the house beside the church for the first ever children’s church service at the church.  Of course our three made the group a lot bigger.  I loved meeting the new teacher for children’s church and others that were attending the church.  After that Enon invited us to join them for lunch and a trip to Volcano Irazu.  We had a great time.  Sophia decided that she was tired and slept thru most of everything except church.  Hey atleast that was the one place that she did not sleep.  Please continue to pray for us as we transition into Costa Rica, for our grasp of the language, our health and safety.  For God’s glory alone.

Jeff and our new favorite taxi driver Manuel

Jeff and our new favorite taxi driver Manuel

Us with Francisco in the church in Cot

Us with Francisco in the church in Cot

Check out the view behind Jeff outside the church

Check out the view behind Jeff outside the church

Benjamin throwing volcanoe rocks

Benjamin throwing volcano rocks

Benjamin and Lizzie Grace exploring and climbing at the volcanoe

Benjamin and Lizzie Grace exploring and climbing at the volcano

Volcanoe Irazu crater

Volcano Irazu crater

View on the way down the volcano

View on the way down the volcano


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6 responses to “Reunited with Francisco

  1. BJ

    August 11, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Hey Guys you have made it! The pictures look great and seeing Francisco is wonderful. We prayed for ya’ll during the service Sunday and we look forward to our first live report! Keep the updates.

    Love BJ

  2. michaelandnatalie

    August 11, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    you all truly look like “costa ricans” especially “our little sophia”…we miss you all extremely…you all look beautiful and we know costa rica shines brighter with you there. let your lights so shine for Him so that when they see His good works in and through you are Father in heaven is honored and glorified. please keep us in your prayers as well…school may or may not be starting in a day or so….praise God for all that He does. truly our hearts and our spirits are with you. we love you very much!!! praise the Lord for our brother Jeff as well. what a great family we have in and because of Christ!!!

  3. Rockie

    August 11, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    How blessed we have been as we have sat here and read your blog posts and viewed your photos! What wondrous scenery God has placed you in the middle of!!! We are so thankful that you are there and doing so well. Know that we are praying for each of you, and please let us know if there is anything at all that we can send your way or help with. You all look fantastic! It is wonderful just to see your smiling faces again! We love you!
    Thankful to be your sister in Christ!

  4. Amy Lewis

    August 11, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    Wow, how wonderful to see you all and celebrate with you from afar! We love you and miss you! Amy, Will, and the kidos

  5. donna

    August 12, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    i’m so glad y’all made it safely. i was in costa rica for a mission trip last summer and had a blast. the people there are so friendly. while we were there, we took a day and went to Isla de Tortuga (turtle island). it was a day cruise type of thing and we had so much fun. if you get a chance, you should go. they cook a meal for you on the beach and have local musicians playing while you eat. there’s also beach games fo rthe kids and snorkling. i can’t swim, but i did a LOT of snorkling that day!
    keep up the good work on the blogs!

  6. Tamara (Fullerton) Sargeant

    August 13, 2008 at 2:48 am

    Hi Folks! I am so glad to get your update! We have your picture on the fidge and are praying for you all! I will have to show Seth the pictures tomorrow! Love you guys and keep the updates as frequent as possible! In Christ, Tamara


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