Thank you Jeff and Lisa

14 Aug

Wow.  Where can I start?  We want everyone to know how thankful we are that Jeff was able to come to Costa Rica with us.  He helped us in so many ways.  The trip down would have been so much more difficult without him.  He enabled us to go to Hiper Mas (Costa Rica’s Wal-Mart) without the children in order to buy things to help get the household settled.  The trip took 4 hours, imagine what that would have been like with all of our kids.  He also stood on our porch and was a basketball goal for the kids.  We also were able to have help in taxis because Jeff speaks more Spanish than we do and he was able to help us get to places on our own.  He also helped set up all of our computer equipment and that allowed us to immediately be in contact with everyone.  He enabled the kids to have something from back home like horsing around with him.  He encouraged us and allowed us to be just plain tired and rest.   It was hard to say goodbye on Wednesday, but we had to.  Thank you Lisa for going with out Jeff for our benefit.  For sacrificing days while you were sick and could have used his care.  Your friendship is so special to us.  We love you guys.  Thanks.

Jeff with Benjamin and Lizzie Grace at cafe Fresas

Jeff with Benjamin and Lizzie Grace at cafe Fresas

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