Church in Cot

25 Aug

We have enjoyed tremendously our travel to Cot for the last 3 weeks to worship with the new believers there as well as our brother Francisco.  This week Francisco had written on a dry erase board in English for us the order of worship so that we would understand.  It was wonderful.  The children’s church again had 7 children.  The teacher of the children is wonderful.  Her name is Mireya Zanches.  She is an artist and this week she had made puppets and taught the children with them.  They absolutely loved it.  All of the children giggled as she stooped behind the kitchen counter and spoke with a silly voice for the puppets.  She had a bar of soap and one puppet thought that she could clean her heart with the soap by eating it and she learned quickly that it was yucky and the other puppet told her that only Jesus could clean her heart.  The children just loved it.  Then the children went back in the service to listen to Francisco’s sermon.  This week he preached on James 1:  1-12.  He spoke and although we could not understand all of what he was saying, the people responded.  We have enjoyed getting to know the small flock that Francisco has in Cot.  There are a few that understand and speak a little English and they have helped us get to know the others.  I have especially enjoyed getting to know Mireya.  Which makes the rest of this blog sad to write.  One thing we have realized is that the cost of driving to Cot every Sunday is more than we have budgeted for.  We have to take a taxi because the bus system does not go into Cot.  So we are now faced with not going to as often as we would like.  We will only be able to go twice a month with the funds that we have.  We have been praying and gather facts for a vehicle.  We are asking that you would pray about this with us.  We realize that we have only been down here for three weeks and feel that we have learned that things unfortunately are more expensive than we had anticipated.  Our funding for everything else will be sufficient.  The only area that we underestimated was taxi fares.  We appreciate you joining in this area.   Here are pictures from church this past Sunday and Children’s church.

Mireya and her hand made puppets teaching the kids

Mireya and her hand made puppets teaching the kids

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One response to “Church in Cot

  1. BJ

    August 26, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    The pictures look great! I will join you in praying for the needed funds! Tell everyone I said hi and we love you at MMBC!



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