Birthdays In A Box

28 Aug

Wow!!  What a blessing.  This week the kids each received their “birthdays in a box” thanks to Anne Mungo and Charlesboro Baptist Church.  For those of you that don’t know, all of our children have birthdays in August.  Well we decided to have a birthday party with our friends and family before we left.  I had asked that they give the kids either useful gifts like bed sheets or very small gifts because we were limited in the space that we could bring stuff down in.  The children, by God’s grace alone, had such a great attitude about giving up their toys in the states and receiving far less than they were accustomed to for their birthdays.  Well Charlesboro Baptist wanted to do something about that and they sure did.

 Jacob got a phone call on Friday afternoon from a fellow student stating that we had boxes up at the school post office.  Well, I was at Hiper Mas with another student and Jacob had all of the kids and he did not feel comfortable carrying the boxes and getting the kids home safely with his hands full so he waited.  Well, by the time that I got home, the school post office was locked and we were told that we could not get in until Monday.  So we waited…

Well getting mail here is a big deal for everyone at the school.  If someone gets even one package everyone is talking and wondering what the other has received in the mail.  And people are usually amazed that something makes it here intact.  So early Monday morning our neighbor was going to check his mail and knew that we had packages and offered to pick ours up for us.  Well before he got back, Jacob got back and I decided I wanted to go and see what the post office was like and maybe take some pictures of the school and help out with our packages.  Before I got to the school I ran into Lynn on the street, our neighbor and fellow GO missionary that was picking up our packages.  Well it was a good thing that he went because they were huge.  With great anticipation we rushed home with the packages.  The kids saw them and ran to the gate to watch us get them in.  Well once we brought them inside all the chaos began.  It was wonderful.  The kids each had rubbermaid like boxes labeled with their names with all kind of goodies inside.  They tore into them like it was Christmas morning.  They had such a great time saying “ooo look at this” and “ohh look at that!!!”  They got Christian movies, CDs, coloring books, Polly pockets, Transformers, coloring pencils, play dough, kites (which there is a wonderful kite flying park down the street!), jump rope, balls, snuggle bears…!!!  It was amazing.  It was like they each got to celebrate their birthdays all over again.  And because of our inability to bring down a bunch of things when we came their birthday party at home did not include a lot of big toys, mostly smaller items that could fit in their carry on.  Which they still loved.  But because of the love and generosity of the folks at Charlesboro Baptist our kids received their Birthdays in a Box and got to have things that they were not able to bring down.  I took a picture of all of the toys laid out on our table and it filled the table!!!  Thank you Charlesboro Baptist.  This was really special for our children.  They had only been allowed to bring down a few toys and this meant so much to them to have more toys down here to occupy them.  Your love is felt here and we appreciate it.  Check out the pictures.

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