Jacob gets the last laugh!

31 Aug

Okay so everyone knows that while we were still in South Carolina we drove the ClemBama mobile.  You know the Suburban with a Clemson magnet on one side and an Alabama magnet on the other side.  Usually we can pull for both teams without any problems…until last night.  So there was some taunting from both sides with Jacob pulling for Alabama and me pulling of course for Clemson.  We fretted until the last minute as to whether or not we were even going to be able to find a way to watch the game.  Well, our wonderful neighbors, the Prathers who have a TV called us at 6:06 (Costa Rican time) and said, “It’s on!  Come on over!”  So we did.

Cathy Prather had fixed some yucca soup which we had never had.  And of course, me being the wonderful wife, I got Jacob a bowl and some bread and a drink for him so that he would not have to get up from the game.  Cathy has different colored plates and bowls and cups, so I got Jacob the orange ones and made him eat his yucca soup out of that.  In Costa Rica you don’t eat hotwings at a football get together!  Although we did smell someone grilling out.  We did not have that luxury.  It was yucca soup for us.  Kind of like a potato soup.  Anyway, I thought it was funny.  I have a picture…

Jacob being forced to eat off of an orange plate and bowl

Jacob being forced to eat off of an orange plate and bowl

So we think that it is funny and we have a good laugh.  Well that was about the only laugh that I had the rest of the night.  Jacob got the last laugh as Alabama and the Crimson Tide wiped out Clemson.  Had it not been for the good food and the great company, the whole night would have been a loss.  It was however, only a game, and life goes on.  We all had fun and more games are coming.  I must say for both of us “Roll Tide” and “Go Tigers.”  We are still true to our teams and stand behind them win or loose.


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4 responses to “Jacob gets the last laugh!

  1. Chris

    August 31, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Must say I’m still curious how you’re going to fix your computer problems now.

  2. Amie Ezelle

    August 31, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Okay, I remember you guys mentioning that Jacob was an Alabama fan, but how exactly did that happen? We should be the Alabama fans, because we are from Alabama; you guys are from South Carolina which is no where near Alabama. Crazy! We aren’t even football fans 🙂 Strange, I know! I guess Jacob can be the AL fan for us 🙂
    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!! (That’s for my Grandfather, he is a big AL fan).

  3. Sergey

    September 1, 2008 at 5:53 am

    To like me this post…

  4. BJ

    September 3, 2008 at 3:04 pm


    you are on the verge of church discipline! You need to repent! Now the real question is “Can the Tide roll over my LSU Tigers!” Don’t brag too much. Clemson may get a shot at Alabama in a bowl! So until we talked again, repent of your wicked ways!



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