The history of Gallo Pinto

10 Sep

Okay.  In gramatica today we were going over new nouns and we came across “gallo” which means rooster.  So I think “Okay.  Our favorite food here is called gallo pinto.  That does not make sense.”  The word “pinto” in Spanish is painted or spotted.  So it means “painted or spotted rooster.”  Strange.  So I asked Graziella, my teacher, how it got its name.  Here’s the story according to her…

Gallo Pinto a Common Costa Rican Food“There was this guy who wanted to have some friends over and cook for them his prized rooster.  So he invites a few and kills his rooster (“gallo”) and cooks it for them.  Well Costa Rica being the social country that it is, many more people showed up than were invited and he did not have enough food.  So he was like, ‘What am I going to feed everyone?’  So he looked at what he had and he decided to mix together black beans and rice along with some seasonings and decided he would feed that to his guests.  When he served them they said ‘Where is the rooster?’  And he said right there, so they called it ‘gallo pinto’ or spotted or painted rooster.  The guests liked the way it tasted and continued to make it and now it is one of Costa Rica’s national dishes.”

I thought that was neat.  It clearly represents this wonderful nation summed up in that one dish.  People use what they have to make others feel welcome.  They are creative and social and accepting.  They make the best out of what they have.  I love Costa Rica.  I love learning more and more about this wonderful country that the Lord has called us to serve Him in.  Thank you Lord “Gracias a Dios.”


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2 responses to “The history of Gallo Pinto

  1. michael boyer

    September 13, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    mi nombre is gallo pinto!


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