Celebrating Costa Rica’s Independence!

20 Sep

This past week Costa Rica celebrated it’s independence.  And we gladly joined in on the festivities.  The celebration started at our school with the Kinder parade (this is from K-5 down to a few months old).  Most Costa Rican public schools celebrate with their children in a parade.  We were told that their theory is that in other countries around the world they march their military in parades as a show of strength.  They march their children because it shows their peace and their belief that educating their children is the future of the country.  So our school was no different.  Classes stopped and we all watched the parade of our children.  It was so cute.  Sophia marched with a balloon (globo in Spanish, by the way!) and Lizzie marched with a drum.  It was so cute!!! 

Then we had a special hour of learning about Costa Rica’s history and their independence.  Then we all broke up into groups and made lanterns.  This is what most children do here, but the school had us do that as adults.  It was funny, it was like craftime in VBS for adults!  They make lanterns here and the children march with them because the letter that declared Costa Rica’s independence had to travel across Central America back in the 1800’s so the way was lit with lanterns.  Independence was declared on September 15th (without any war by the way) and Costa Rica did not receive the letter stating that until October.   There were all kinds of parades on Monday the 15th and fireworks, which started going off before the sun came up Monday morning.  It bolted us out of the bed!  It was like being bombed!  We love this country and the peaceful nature of the people that has even manifested itself into its government!  Here are some pictures!


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2 responses to “Celebrating Costa Rica’s Independence!

  1. Jessica Little

    September 23, 2008 at 11:42 am

    Yay! How fun Court! The kids looked like they were having a ball. We miss you! Skype soon??

  2. BJ

    September 23, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    The pictures were wonderful! Keep up the information, thanks. How did Sunday go?
    Tell Jacob we are going to see if Alabama is real Saturday playing GA!



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