Finding our Niche – A Little Taste of Home

28 Sep

We have been in Costa Rica for almost two months now.  Can you believe it?  Well Sundays have been difficult here because of the need and the desire to worship, but without an easy way to do it.  Either we are traveling in an expensive taxi for 40 minutes to Cot to worship, where we feel right at home and love every moment of our time there.  Or we are stress-fully taking a bus/taxi combination to and from Cot that takes hours and is exhausting.  Then there are the Sundays where we are not going to Cot and desire to worship closer to where we are living (within walking distance).  We have tried this for many Sundays.  The hard thing is that we do not understand anything that is going on because it is all in Spanish.  Each Sunday we are understanding more and more as we learn the language, but it is hard for that to be our Sunday worship.  Well this Sunday we decided we wanted to do things completely differently and have a little taste of home.

Our pastor from home, Johnny, called us a couple of weeks ago to let us know that Jeff’s and his sermons are now being put online at .  So we decided that we would get up this morning and do Sunday school with the children at our table and then all gather around the computer and listen to a sermon of Johnny’s from our home church in South Carolina at the same time that it is going on in South Carolina (that would be around 8:15am here since church is at 10:15am there).  We made copies of a coloring sheet for the 10 Commandments, taught them a lesson on that and went over a memory verse.  Then as they colored, we gathered around the laptop and listened to Johnny’s New Orleans accent preach the gospel and teach about the Spirit vs. the Flesh.  It was such a joy to hear one of his sermons since we had not heard one in almost 2 months.  All that was missing was the glorious fellowship of our church family and music with my buddies on the praise team.

Thank you to all of you back home that are working hard to encourage us from a distance and are continuing to do home missions as we are battling the Enemy here in Costa Rica.  Thank you for putting Jeff and Johnny’s sermon’s online.  It will continue to bless us.  Our hope is to get up and worship with our home church on Sunday mornings by listening to Johnny’s sermons and around 6pm est/ 4pm here by listening to Jeff’s sermons.  This worked wonderfully and it allowed us to not only worship the Lord, but feel close to our church family in Easley, South Carolina.

We feel that we have finally found our Sunday worship niche.  Every other Sunday we will travel to Cot and worship with the family of believers we have there.  And every other Sunday we will worship in Spirit with our home church in South Carolina.  Here are some pictures…


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2 responses to “Finding our Niche – A Little Taste of Home

  1. Michelle

    September 29, 2008 at 9:57 am

    Hi Benja, Lizzie and Sophia! I sure do miss you. You all look cute with your cheezy smiles. Hugs and Kisses! I luv ya! Auntie

  2. Janet Smith-God speed you on your wayand Bless you always

    September 29, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Praise God for technology and praise Him for a family that is stetching themselves to obey his call on their lives. I pray for you each day and know He is greatly pleased at your dependence on His grace to help in time of need.He is such an avaiable God. No long lines- no long distances- no waiting. And each test is designed just for us.Because music is such an integral part of my life and walk w/Jesus I like the frequent use of the word ‘orchestrates ‘ when referring to God’s hand of mercy at work in each detail of our lives.-Much love to you all,Big Sis Janet


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