Playing in the Rain

01 Oct

We are in the rainy season here in Costa Rica and the kids are just loving it.  When the clouds start to gather, the kids run and get their bathing suits on and wait on the rain to arrive.  It is funny because it does not just drizzle here.  It pours!!!  Costa Ricans believe that if you play in the rain and get all cold and wet then you get sick.  So we get lots of looks like we are being bad parents.  It is worth it though because the kids just love it.  Here are pictures of Lizzie in the rain and one of me and Sophia enjoying watching Lizzie play!

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One response to “Playing in the Rain

  1. Janet Smith-God speed you on your wayand Bless you always

    October 3, 2008 at 4:59 am

    Rainy Season !! What a memory for me. Because we were not close enough to the equator for the air to be warm when it rained the kids were stuck inside. In one place we lived in a lomg house and the gang would build a abrrier of furniture and then roll the youngest in her stroller thru and laugh-the little one,too- at the crashing chairs. No one got hurt, but they had fun.Some one has said ‘Life is meant to be lived playingly. Your kids will help you do that ! ASnd your witness will be more effective for it !! Love,Big Sis


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