We are in Panama

03 Nov

Hi. I know that I was going to try to catch my blog up, but yet again, something has come up. We found out last Thursday that we were going to have to go to Panama this weekend to keep our visas up to date. We were going to try for an extension on our visas, but that did not happen, so we had to quickly leave the country. We are still in Panama. We have been celebrating with them their independence. They celebrate with lots of drums. I will post more later, but they started here at about 12am today and continued until about 3pm today. Lots of drums. But the kids loved seeing the continual parade around the village that we are in. We have even had the opportunity to witness to the people that God is placing in our paths. We will be traveling back in the morning. Please pray for our safe travel, especially as we cross over the border on an old railroad bridge with slats of wood that we have to balance us and our kids on. I will post pictures for sure when we get home. God is good and sovereign and we rest in that.

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  1. Janet Smith-God speed you on your wayand Bless you always

    November 13, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Little Sis Court- Busy stuff here plus some computer mess ups made it so I didn’t know of your adventures in Panama until yesterday. A few days ago some of us were commenting on our riches and what is going on as God uses you I consider one of my ‘riches’. Wow ! you got to witness to some folks because of delays. Isn’t that just like out wondrous heavenly Father !! It still amazes me how God answered my heart’s yearning to be young and go on the field again. Shortly after that I felt his assurance that the way I was to go was in praying for othets. But ‘little sis Court still wasn’t in the picture then. All in good time the whole panoply of His intentions for us begin to show up !! I pray for you guys every day so even though I didn’t know you were in Panama surely God used my petitions in some way. Bet someday after I have left this earth one of your kids will write about what is going on in your lives now and others will be blessed and encouraged !-Much love, Big Sis


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