Our first Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

27 Nov

Well, today was a nice day.  It was hard getting up for school this morning though.  It was like my body just knew that it was Thanksgiving and I should have been allowed to sleep in, but 5:30am came around and we had to get up for school.  We all had school today, but they did shorten our day a bit and we got out at 12 instead of 1:00.  So it was straight home to make some food to take to the AMCA house for our Thanksgiving celebration.  About 80 people from school gathered there to celebrate together since none of us could be with our families back in the states.  The room was decorated and filled with tables so we could all eat together.  We ordered roasted chickens from a place called Pollo Rey or Chicken King.  And we had all brought food that we made at home so it was kind of like a cover dish dinner at church.  It was wonderful.  I think that the entire time that we have been in Costa Rica I have not eaten until I was full.  However, today, I am stuffed.  After we ate, we all sat around and fellowshipped and then pulled out the cards and played games.  Some of the guys left to watch football, but most of the ladies stayed around and played games.  It was a wonderful time.

We are so thankful for all that the Lord has done for us.  We are still truly amazed that He is willing to use us to reach His people in Costa Rica and we are thankful for that.  We are thankful for our family and friends back in the United States.  It was different not being there with them to celebrate and thank our Heavenly Father for the grace that He has shown us and for all of His blessings.

Here are some pictures…

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One response to “Our first Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

  1. BJ

    November 30, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Hey guys

    We missed ya’ll! I am glad to see the pictures of my family rejoicing! I am looking forward to Wedbesday Night, the church is all excited about seeing ya’ll. We love you guys, see you Wednesday Night on Skype!



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