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Our kids’ first experience handing out tracks!

Our family with the Frederiks after we passed out about 800 tracks in San Jose

Our family with the Frederiks after we passed out about 800 tracks in San Jose

On December 23 the Frederiks and our family went into San Jose to the park full of pigeons and handed out tracks.  We went with almost 800 to hand out and they each explained God’s grace.  We did not know what to expect from our children because each one is shy.  But we gave them the tracks and told them to pass them out to the people and tell them “Un regalo para usted.”  Or “A gift for you.”  It was so exciting for many different reasons.  First it was exciting to see the children being bold and walking up to strangers and handing out the tracks.  Even when people told them no or rejected them, they still smiled and went on to the next person without taking it personally.  It was also exciting to see the people’s (for the most part) acceptance of our children and their accepting of the track.  We watched as people walked away eagerly reading.  We even had one guy bring his friend back so that she could get one. 

We did have the sad experiences of denial, but God will call those to Him whom He chooses and we have to be obedient.  One sad example was a couple that I handed a track to and they looked at me and said in perfect English “You’re American aren’t you?”  And I could tell that they were not happy with me.  So I said to break the ice, “I am.  What gave it away?”  The wife smiled sympathetically.  The husband then said, “You’re religious aren’t you?”  And I said that I was a missionary.  He then said, “I don’t believe the rantings of Arabs.”  I was taken back, and really couldn’t think of anything to say to him.  He handed his wife the track.  I looked at her and smiled and said that maybe she could read it anyway and see for herself what she thought.  She smiled apologetically.  That is my prayer.  That the Lord would bring her mind back to the track and she would read it by herself and the Lord would bring her to Himself.   And eventually her husband as well. 

It was a great experience though.   Especially for our children.  Their boldness is something that had to be from the Lord because they are normally so shy.  We noticed that the people were less likely to deny the children, so who knows how the Lord might use them.  While we were raising support, many times we were asked, “Are you taking the kids with you?”  And we have already seen why the Lord would  have us bring our kids to Costa Rica.  They open up doors that otherwise may be closed.  God is so good.  We are so excited about the Lord using our family.  All glory, honor and praise go to Him.


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We got our Costa Rican Drivers Licenses!

Okay, so last week we decided that while we had time to do it, we would go get our driver’s licenses.  And man was it a process.  Jacob had called around and gotten as much information as possible before we started out and so we had a whole list of what we needed to do and we were off.  We knew that we needed proof of our blood types, but we did not want to pay someone to tell us, so we went into San Jose to Clinica Biblica and donated blood.  We figured they could print us out something with our blood type on it, we would be helping by donating blood and we would get our blood types for free.  That was easy enough.  And when we were done, they had a little breakfast prepared for us consisting of Cocoa Crispies, Milk, OJ, crackers and jelly.  It was very helpful because we then did not have to go and find food before we went on to the next item on our list.

We hopped in a taxi and headed over to their equivalent of the Highway Department.  At the gate we were told that we had to go get a physical.  I was leery because I did not know what this entailed, but it was necessary, so off we went down the street to the place everyone has to go.  It is a building set up with a desk with a secretary taking your 10,000 colones ($20 USD) for each physical and then you wait in line for this doctor.  After waiting for about 20 minutes, it was my turn.  I entered this room and sat beside a desk and waited.  It turns out that it is simply a vision test and the doctor listens to your heart and takes your blood pressure.  He then proceeds to fill out a whole medical sheet on you that is officially for the driver’s license without asking anymore questions!!  So after Jacob’s turn we were back to the highway department.

At the gate we were told to go meet with the jefa (or the big boss) who would give us her signature so that we could continue.  We walk the equivalent of 2 city blocks to wait in this long line.  While in line this man from Chicago tells us we were supposed to go pay at the bank first and even asks the guard to confirm this, which they do and we head over to the bank.  It is on the same complex, but back at the front gate.  After we stood in line over there, they found someone to tell us that no, in fact we had to meet with the jefa before we could continue with this process.  So back to the other building.  Where we are told to wait outside and when the jefa is receiving people they will come and get us.  So we wait….

After about 45 minutes, apparently the jefa returned and was ready to receive people, so we were told to go upstairs and wait some more.  Everyone who was around the jefa or had to go talk to the jefa seemed really nervous.  She was clearly an important person here.  So we waited…until it was finally our turn.  We had all of our papers in order.  We had already made copies of our SC driver’s licenses, our passports copied, our medical forms and our blood type proof.  She looked it all over…looked at us…put her signature on it…and sent us downstairs to wait some more.  Apparently we were actually getting permission to get a driver’s license.  I guess if the jefa had not liked what she saw, she could have denied us…but she didn’t, so downstairs we went…and I was given the number 99 and Jacob got 00, so we waited.

We had to wait on our number to come up and then go sit with someone who put all of our information in the computer.  The first thing she wanted to see was the jefa’s signature.  After that, I had to tell her in Spanish my address.  Seems like that would not be a hard thing, but when you live in a country with no street names, it is harder than you think to tell someone where you live exactly.  Somehow, what I said passed as exact enough and she then gave me a slip of paper and we had to head back over to the bank…

To stand in line 7 to wait to pay 4,000 colones ($8) each for our license.   After waiting, we got our receipt and were sent back to the other building to wait and get a signature on that receipt from the same people who put our information in the computer and then we had to wait in line to get our picture taken for the card itself.  This line had seating and it was the funniest thing to watch.  It was like we were continually doing the wave at a football game.  If one person got up, one by one the people would move up one seat.  At one point the guy in front of me did not feel it was necessary to move just one seat and attempted to stay put and the guard came over and asked him to move up.  I found that funny.  Then when it was our turn, we went, had our picture made and waited again, then we got our licenses!!! 

It was not a terrible process, just a long one.  And even though we got our license, we do not have a car yet.  But that is okay.  We plan on waiting to get a vehicle until the Lord provides money to purchase it in full.  He knows what we need and when we need it, so we are simply waiting on Him and we will be prepared when it happens.  We do have an account set up with Global Outreach where we are saving for a vehicle.  So we are just waiting….. 🙂

 If you would like to donate to our car fund, please see our “Getting Involved” Tab on our site.  Thank you.

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Roblealto Orphanage Christmas Party

A couple of weeks ago ILE hosted a Christmas Party for the children from Robleatlto.  Roblealto is an awesome Christian organization here in Costa Rica that was started by missionaries around 70 years ago.  Some of the children are orphans, but some have been taken from their families by the government.  And others send their children there and pay what they can because they are not able to care for their children.  It is located in Costa Rica near a very, very poor area.  The living conditions are really hard there.  But Roblealto offers them hope and light and help.  They teach them from the Bible and use the Bible as a guideline for living.  The children often take what is taught to them back to their families.  Thousands of people have been transformed by Christ with the work of this ministry.  Praise the Lord.

Well ILE does a Christmas party for children every year.  It is sponsored by us students.  Part of our student fees help support this party.  We make the games and buy the presents and have the priveledge of enjoying the kids for the time when they are on our campus.  Well, I got the priveledge of helping out this year.  It was such a sweet blessing to me.  The children ranged from babies to 15 or 16 years old.  They were so sweet and I think that playing with them probably meant more to me than it did to them!!  I had a blast, they seemed to too.  Here are some pictures….

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The Christmas Party for the Kinder!

Okay, so this happened a couple of weeks ago.  I am a little behind on blogging about everything that has been happening.  But I thought everyone would like to see this fabulous experience that Lizzie Grace, Sophia and I had.  The school took the kids ages 5 years and younger to the Museo de los Ninos (The Children’s Museum) in San Jose for their Christmas party.  I volunteered to go with Sophia’s class and we had a blast.  Lizzie class went as well, but only one parent could go, so we figured me going with Sophia’s class would be the best idea.  So the school chartered 2 tour buses and we arrived at what looked like a big yellow, medieval castle.  Apparently, this used to be a prison for the worst criminals in Costa Rica and then they made it into a children’s museum.  It was awesome.

The Museo de los Ninos
The Museo de los Ninos

We walked into this massive building to a reserved party room where the kids were given popcorn and could play.  Then we divided into classes and were given tours around the museum.  It was so big that we did not even get to see most of it.  We were able to get on the earth quake simulator, so Sophia was able to feel the earthquake, since we slept through the real one 🙂  We also learned about banana and coffee plantations and the history of Costa Rica.  It was really neat.  We hope to go back on a Saturday and spend the day there as a family to see everything.  After our tour we went back to the party area and had pizza and cake and were entertained by a clown.  Then we hopped back on the buses for the trip back to the school.  This was such a fun day for the kids, and I had a great time too 🙂  We will go back again for sure.  Here are some pictures…


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