Our kids’ first experience handing out tracks!

29 Dec
Our family with the Frederiks after we passed out about 800 tracks in San Jose

Our family with the Frederiks after we passed out about 800 tracks in San Jose

On December 23 the Frederiks and our family went into San Jose to the park full of pigeons and handed out tracks.  We went with almost 800 to hand out and they each explained God’s grace.  We did not know what to expect from our children because each one is shy.  But we gave them the tracks and told them to pass them out to the people and tell them “Un regalo para usted.”  Or “A gift for you.”  It was so exciting for many different reasons.  First it was exciting to see the children being bold and walking up to strangers and handing out the tracks.  Even when people told them no or rejected them, they still smiled and went on to the next person without taking it personally.  It was also exciting to see the people’s (for the most part) acceptance of our children and their accepting of the track.  We watched as people walked away eagerly reading.  We even had one guy bring his friend back so that she could get one. 

We did have the sad experiences of denial, but God will call those to Him whom He chooses and we have to be obedient.  One sad example was a couple that I handed a track to and they looked at me and said in perfect English “You’re American aren’t you?”  And I could tell that they were not happy with me.  So I said to break the ice, “I am.  What gave it away?”  The wife smiled sympathetically.  The husband then said, “You’re religious aren’t you?”  And I said that I was a missionary.  He then said, “I don’t believe the rantings of Arabs.”  I was taken back, and really couldn’t think of anything to say to him.  He handed his wife the track.  I looked at her and smiled and said that maybe she could read it anyway and see for herself what she thought.  She smiled apologetically.  That is my prayer.  That the Lord would bring her mind back to the track and she would read it by herself and the Lord would bring her to Himself.   And eventually her husband as well. 

It was a great experience though.   Especially for our children.  Their boldness is something that had to be from the Lord because they are normally so shy.  We noticed that the people were less likely to deny the children, so who knows how the Lord might use them.  While we were raising support, many times we were asked, “Are you taking the kids with you?”  And we have already seen why the Lord would  have us bring our kids to Costa Rica.  They open up doors that otherwise may be closed.  God is so good.  We are so excited about the Lord using our family.  All glory, honor and praise go to Him.


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2 responses to “Our kids’ first experience handing out tracks!

  1. timbob

    December 29, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    Hello. This is awesome. We know that Gods truth will never return void and that he gives the increase. It sounds like an incredible work is underway in this Costa Rica.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  2. Janet Smith-God speed you on your wayand Bless you always

    January 6, 2009 at 3:27 am

    Sister Court- Ah, memories !! I rememebr our first Christmas in Brazil !! It was different than yours, of course, no children, but we improvised a Christmas tree -rather, Paul did, and I cut up an old pearl necklace and rolled the beads in glitter and hung them w/thread. Paul asked,”Isn’t there a poem that says only God can make a tree ?” I replied, “yes, and some one set it to music.”But because of the times we didn’t have to plan goodbyes w/new friends. The times have changed indeed !Much love,Big sis Janet


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