God Truly Loves Us – I am keeping my eyes on Him

17 Feb

Okay, so just so you know, this is Courtenay writing this.  It is my perspective on our lives here in Costa Rica.  So for me, these last weeks have been the hardest yet.  I have really missed the United States and my family, friends and old life.  I think when we first arrived here we were kind of in shock because we were going to have to live without many of the things that we were used to.  Friends, family, cars, fast-food (okay, that is here, but without a car, it is not easy to get, so we don’t eat it), initially TV, worship in English…  Then we got over that and we were really excited about living this life.  It was/is fun walking to the grocery store down a crazy, dirty street and carrying back my purchases.  My clothes started to fit better because of all of the walking.  There were many wonderful, new places to explore and we are learning a beautiful language in a beautiful place.  We are doing the work of the Lord.  He is awesome.  Our family is thriving here….  Then, Sophia fell, and in all of the excitement of the week, I got tired.  I started missing my friends and family terribly.  I really missed our home church.  And this Spanish is hard.  It requires a lot of work and memorization, and I was tired.  Entonces (So) I took my eyes off of Him.

I shared with Jacob my longings for things and people.  Just the thought of hopping in my minivan 🙂 and going somewhere…the mall, book-club, Chic-fil-A…singing with the praise-team from Mt. Moriah…eating a good steak (for those of you who don’t know, I basically have become a vegetarian here)…I could go on, but you know what?  God really loves me, so He did not leave me there….

As I sat in my linguaje class this morning things started to change.  I was leading my class in a Bible study on Martha and Mary, yes in Spanish, and I was doing great.  The teacher did not have to correct a whole lot and, honestly, I did little to prepare.  I just knew what I wanted to say, and it turned into me talking in Spanish about Mary and Martha and the lessons Jesus taught through them for about 30 minutes.  I thought to myself…God is at work…someone is praying for me.  I did not even think about who it might be, but I could really feel that someone had been praying for me.  After class a friend of mine walked up to me and said that the Lord had laid me on his heart this morning and he just wanted to let me know that he had been praying for me.   I was blown away.  I had just been feeling so blessed by the power of prayer, not even thinking that I would be able to know who was praying for me and here the Lord just showed me how much He loved me.  He loves me and my family so much that He laid us on another’s heart so that He could be glorified through the whole thing.  Later this afternoon, right as I was getting ready to lay down for a few minutes, I checked our e-mail and another friend from the States e-mailed us and said that he too had been praying for us and he just wanted us to know.  God loves us so much that He touched not just one person, but now two and this other was all the way in the US to pray for us.  And we can feel it.

Man, do we need it.  We feel so much here on the front lines and we need prayer.  The Lord is so good to us and we are so happy to serve him.  I find myself trying to take on things I shouldn’t and I am trying to be more diligent to lay things at Jesus’ feet and not pick them back up.  We will eventually speak this language fluently.  As long as the Lord wants us here, He will provide the money we need.  I wrote this out of being encouraged by other’s perseverance.  I wrote this to let others know that the Lord is good and when we start focusing on ourselves and take our eyes off of Him, we can get discouraged even when we are doing good things for Him.  I am putting my eyes back on Jesus.  Thank you all who have been praying….PLEASE keep it up.


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3 responses to “God Truly Loves Us – I am keeping my eyes on Him

  1. Jeff Jowers

    February 18, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Prayer is something you can always count on from us back here. We love y’all!

  2. Melissa Hood

    February 19, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    I admire and respect you for your perseverance in the Lord.

  3. Janet Smith-God speed you on your wayand Bless you always

    February 21, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    Dear Little Sis- How wonderful to see how you are still transparent in your witness to God’s goodness. I, too, have been having some struggles and when I met w/two other prayer partners Thurs.eve I laid my struggle before them and they prayed. Still, that night when I rose for my regular time of scripture and fellowship w/Jesus, I still had not found peace. I stayed up listening to Handel’s Messiah- pure scripture set to music and some hymns I had on another CD. I always hear the voice of God thru music. Especially certain selections. I persevered until I was once again focused on Jesus- not on the struggles. The struggles are still there, but so is the Lord, so peace flows once again. Am not the least bit surprised that your spanish just flowed !! And I ,too, have discovered some more of His provision made ahead of time for me. He is amazingly aware of what we will face, and knows what we’ll need.I pray for you five everyday. Love,Big Sis Janet


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