A typical Saturday for us in San Francisco de Dos Rios

28 Mar

Every Saturday Jacob gets up really early and goes to the feria.  You can see a previous blog on that, but it is basically a farmer’s market that comes to a local park every Saturday and Jacob goes to buy our produce for the week.  And the kids and I stay at the house and get to sleep in.  Jacob meets a couple of his guy friends who are also in charge of buying their family’s produce and they meet at a make-shift “Soda” – like a small restaurant.  They (Jacob and his buddies) have named it “The Greasy Spoon.”  They eat gallo pinto (again, see a previous blog if you aren’t sure what that is), eggs and coffee.  The lady who cooks the food calls Jacob “Senor Corlantro” because he always wants extra corlantro (cilantro in English) in his gallo pinto.  And they sit around and have a good old time.  He does this each Saturday.

Well, the kids and I get to sleep in while he does this.  However, sometimes, Lizzie and Sophia get up before me.  They usually play something quietly until I wake up.  Then once I get up it is cleaning time.  Each Saturday is my day to clean, clean and clean some more.  See the thing is, many families in language school have what is called an empleada who comes each week and helps with the cooking and cleaning.  Well, Jacob and I don’t have one.  With the pressures of school and studying, the only day I really have to get the house clean is Saturday.  And for those of you who knew me before Costa Rica, you know that I prayed and prayed about the Lord giving me a heart for cleaning my house, since it is SO culturally important here.  Well guess what.  I love waking up, getting my cup of coffee, that Jacob made before he left for the feria, and getting to work on the house.  And it stays clean for maybe an hour all together, but at least I worked on it and all the clothes get washed and put away and we start the weekend off with a clean house.

Here are a couple of pictures from today, Saturday, March 28, 2009.  One is of Sophia.  When I woke up, the game that she and Lizzie had been playing was “Decorate Sophia with markers and stickers!”  Another is a picture of the hot peppers that Jacob found this morning at the feria.  You know how we love hot sauce.  Jacob is the king of making wonderful hot sauce.  Another is a picture of one morning at the “Greasy Spoon.”  Unfortunately, it was not today.  They had about 6 men this morning.  But you can at least have a picture to go by.  Enjoy!


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2 responses to “A typical Saturday for us in San Francisco de Dos Rios

  1. BJ

    April 6, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Sophia is so beautiful! Tell Lizzie she did a great job! Hope you are feeling better. Tell Francisco and Fernado I said hi!


  2. Kirsten Nelson

    May 10, 2009 at 10:58 am

    I thought for sure I was about to read the “bathtub” story! Too bad you didn’t get a few pictures of that one. I still laugh thinking to myself I am glad we do not have a tub here because I am sure my youngest would have dont he same by now.


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