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Our house we are renting!!!

The Lord has shown us the house that we are going to start renting to begin our ministry!  Two weeks ago, my tica friend Yoko handed me a paper out of the blue with a name and number on it.  She said that she had a long time family friend that has a house in the “campo” of Cartago and this was his name and number and we should call him.  Later that week, I reminded Jacob to call Yoko’s friend, his name is Jorge.  So Jacob called him two Friday nights ago.  Jorge was excited to hear from us and offered to take us the next morning.  So on Saturday the kids went to stay with some friends while Jacob, Kelsey and I loaded up in Jorge’s truck and headed to the house!

We were in the car for quite some time and were wondering the whole time if the house was going to be as nice as we were told it was.  He said it was a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house.  With a big kitchen, dining room and an outside kitchen.  And best of all, he kept using the word farm.  He said that it had turkeys and geese and lots of fruit trees and coffee plants.  We were so excited needless to say!  When we passed the statue of Jesus up on Irazu we began to time the trip.  After about 40 mintues and an unbelievably beautiful trip through what becomes the cloud forest, we arrived at the quinta (or small farm)!  It was like a dream!  It was completely beautiful!  Everything and more than we ever dreamed we would want.  To this point, we had not asked the price and were beginning to think, “Oh no, we have come all this way and there is no way we can afford this!”  But we continued to look around and ask questions.  His previous explanation did not even compare to the beauty of the land!  It is like a paradise where someone can think by themselves and be with the Lord all at the same time.  If teams were in, there is enough space to be with the group or off by yourself, checking out the fruit trees or just listening to nature and God.  A place where people can come and minister to the people of Costa Rica and be ministered to by the beauty of the land.  A place of contemplation and praise.

Last wendnesday we borrowed some friends’ car and picked up Francisco to take him to the house.   As most of you know, we have desired for Francisco to be part of our family.  He is such a wonderful minister to the people of Cot and we have all along hoped that we would be able to find a house big enough for him to be able to stay with us.  So his opinion of the place was important to us.  When we arrived, he absolutely loved the place too!  He was so excited with us about all of the possibilities for the property!  So today we have finally worked out an agreement for rental with Jorge and we have the house!!!

He is going to allow us to transform one area in the back (that he had originally built for a jakuzzi) in to a bunk room and the garage into another bunk room, even though we are just renting.  This is such a blessing and we feel this is where the Lord wants us to move to.  Here are some pictures!


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Last day of School and Culture Day

Lots happened at the end of this week!  First of all, it was the last week for our kids’ school, so we officially have a 3rd grader, 2nd grader and a kindergartner!  Here are some pictures from the last day of school!

We also had cultural day at school yesterday!  We experienced what Los Turnos are!  They are like celebrations each town has!  Kind of like fairs.  We had a great time!  Here are some pictures from that!

Nicole, Emily and Me!

Nicole, Emily and Me!

Jacob and his big catch!

Jacob and his big catch!

As we have done many fun things this week, we are also in the midst of making many decisions concerning the future of our ministry in Costa Rica.  Please continue to pray that we are wise about our decisions.   We are currently in the middle of negotiating a contract for a rental house.  Please pray for this process, that everyone involved would be blessed in our renting this property.   Our Spanish is improving daily and we are working hard so that we can reach the people here!  We love the Ticos of Costa Rica and we only want to be and serve how the Lord wants us to serve, to the best of our ability.


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We have a guest!!

Kelsey arrived Wednesday!  Kelsey is a college student from Mt. Airy in Easley and she is going to live with us for a month and attend the University of Costa Rica.  We are so excited that she is with us!  She has already experienced different adventures involved in living in Costa Rica.  Yesterday, we walked to the grocery store and on the way back we got caught in a typical Costa Rican downpour!  We were drenched!  Please pray for Kelsey as you pray for us!  She will be attending the University to improve her Spanish and will be witnessing to her fellow classmates.  Please also pray for her safety as she takes the buses to and from San Pedro where the University is.  Here is a picture of her and Lizzie after they had changed clothes from the drenching!!!!

Kelsey and Lizzie

Kelsey and Lizzie

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