We have a guest!!

06 Jun

Kelsey arrived Wednesday!  Kelsey is a college student from Mt. Airy in Easley and she is going to live with us for a month and attend the University of Costa Rica.  We are so excited that she is with us!  She has already experienced different adventures involved in living in Costa Rica.  Yesterday, we walked to the grocery store and on the way back we got caught in a typical Costa Rican downpour!  We were drenched!  Please pray for Kelsey as you pray for us!  She will be attending the University to improve her Spanish and will be witnessing to her fellow classmates.  Please also pray for her safety as she takes the buses to and from San Pedro where the University is.  Here is a picture of her and Lizzie after they had changed clothes from the drenching!!!!

Kelsey and Lizzie

Kelsey and Lizzie

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One response to “We have a guest!!

  1. BJ

    June 12, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    Praying for you guys! I hope Kelsey will enjoy herself!


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