We are back in Costa Rica

29 Nov

We have returned to Costa Rica to a car that does not work.  We got the message out that we needed prayers for that and we appreciate everyone that is praying.  We can feel your prayers, especially for our hearts in coming back to problems.  We had someone drive us to a hotel and are trying to make the best of this road block.  A man named Christian is going to be working on the car on Monday and then if he can fix it, he is going to bring it to us.  He is a trusted friend of our tico friend Fernando.  Please pray for Christian, that God would guide him to the problem and that he would have all that he needs to fix the problem.God is in control of all and we are looking to Him and focusing on Him and not our desires to go and do and get what we thought we needed to accomplish and all our plans.  His are perfect and He is looking out for us and our car!

The kids are doing great.  They are enjoying the playground here at the hotel.  It has a swing that has been made out of some parts of a car that Jacob explained to me, that I don’t understand, but it basically works like the that swing that spins around at Carowinds, but is much smaller.  We got some video, we will try to post it.  They are so flexible and as always, up for next adventure.

It is wonderful to have friends that pray!  We love you all.  Please keep it up and we will keep you posted.  We are happy to be back in Costa Rica, despite the problems!!  🙂

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