Surgery Update!!! Yay all involved!!

28 Jan

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are home and I am doing great!!!  Fabulous Patricia (the PA) was able to take some pictures, so I will share at some point those for those of you interested 🙂  For me, I am excited about seeing them!!  On a funny note…..apparently under anesthesia, I realized that there was a nurse that spoke Spanish.  The doctor was about 50 late, so for that time apparently I carried on a conversation with the OR nurse in Spanish.  Don’t recall any of it!!  But I am excited that I was able to do it 🙂  All I know is that I have the rest of the staff laughing at the sight of it all 🙂  I cannot say enough about how wonderful the entire staff at MUSC has been.  Today the stars of the show were Dr. Varma (neurosurgeon), Patricia (his PA), anestesia (rocked because I woke up very easily and happy as a lark) and all of the nurses who took care of me (even the wheel chair out to the car lady who made a stop to help me use the restroom on the way to the car)!!!!  I was home by 10am.  And I even walked up my parents 17 steps to my perch on their couch in front of HGTV and FoodNetwork!  Thanks for everyone’s prayers!!!  I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful I feel.  My right thigh is sore, but I am only taking Ibuprophen and feel great!!!  Comparatively it is nothing, I can handle this!!!!!  God is so good!!  I know He is my Great Physician who guided everyone through my surgery!!!  We hope to know something in 5 to 7 days.  So lets all keep praying for the testing that is going on my little 1 inch square of thigh muscle tissue!!  Go pathology people whoever you are!!!

Love, Love, Love,

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One response to “Surgery Update!!! Yay all involved!!

  1. Kathy Elrod

    January 29, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Courtenay, I continue to pray for you. I am praying for healing. I hope that everything comes back fine. Take good care. Love you!


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