We’re Back!!

20 May

We arrived safely in Costa Rica!!  Everyone’s prayers have been wonderfully answered, in that our arrival and flight went super smoothly!!!  The guy at immigration did not even question whether or not I had a ticket out of the country!!!  Jacob and the kids were waiting on us right as we were coming out of the airport.  The security guy had to hold Sophia back from running to us inside the airport!!  It was such a sweet moment!!  One thing I have noticed is that it is going to be pretty difficult to eat as a diabetic.  I have now gone to the grocery store and hopefully will be able to make it work.  Any suggestions will be appreciated!!!  We have been up to the new house!!  It is going to be fabulous!!  It just needs a good cleaning!! 

Please pray for me as I transition back into this environment.  The flight was pretty rough on my legs with all of the sitting.  We went back to the house and I laid down and rested immediately!!  I am still pretty sore today in my legs, but I am getting ready to go back to the house, get something to eat, and lay down.  I am so excited to be back!!

Love you all!!  We will keep you posted with the latest!!!


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2 responses to “We’re Back!!

  1. Mary Nix

    May 26, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    It was my pleasure to meet you at our church (Glenwood Baptist) before you left to go home. I saw our (shared Dr. Gilkeson) this morning and told him I knew he was in Ireland. That was a good laugh. I gave him your message, but he already knew where i had gotten the info.. He just returned home on Tuesday and was in the office early today. He is an amazing doctor. He has taken over another problem I am having with my left leg that I could not get my regular dr. to do. So I can completely understand your pain with the long flight. Take good care and keep in touch. Much prayers, Mary

    • courtenayfolk

      May 27, 2010 at 3:56 pm

      Glad you and Dr. Gilkeson had a great laugh 🙂 He is such an awesome doctor!!! Hope all works out with your leg! Hang in there!! 🙂


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