Meet our Guards and Gardeners

08 Jun

So the house came with 2 guards and 2 gardeners that we are not having to pay for and I thought that you guys might like to meet them.  The 2 guards are named Thor and Chaos.  Actually, I have not learned the names of our gardeners, but you have to watch them closely because they may “get rid” of plants and flowers that we want to keep.  Sometimes they are so busy doing their work, that they just “eat up” our plants.  Here are their pictures….

Meet Chaos!!
One of our gardeners!  We have a white horse too!  But I don't have a picture!
Thor (the big black dog) meeting our new mission dog Zorro for the first time


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2 responses to “Meet our Guards and Gardeners

  1. peelingtheorange

    June 8, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    What a gift! Glad you are having fun. You guys deserve this and many more. The Love of Jesus is all around you. He loves you all so much!!!
    ~Great love to you,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange.

  2. Big Sis Janet

    June 9, 2010 at 8:17 am

    Little Sis Court- Loved the pics of your latest staff additions. I think I have finally gotten my internet problems solved. Last week a very personable and cheerful young lady brought some high tech gadjets and an amazing joy as she saw all the ‘stuff’ that was cluttering up my computer and just cleared it all out. I have been having some problems of aging that are not so easily resolved, but I am working on them w/my medical helpers-Love to you and ‘specially your Mom-Big Sis Janet


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