What a week!

05 Jul

Wow!  We have had a wonderful week!  Where to begin?  Well, a group from Mt. Airy has been here for the past week!  Jacob has been able to translate for them all week and they have been working in Cipreses!  The team did many activities there including showing the Jesus Film for kids one night and for adults another night.  They also came to our house and helped us build bunk beds for the future men’s bunk room and helped seal up the house!  Oh, and I got to host my first event!  We had a baby shower yesterday for a young lady in the church in Boqueron!  There were 60 people at our house!!  It was so exciting!!  God really moved this week and we feel so blessed to be here and that God has called us to this wonderful country to serve Him!

Another really amazing thing that has happened this week is that…..well,…..ok, let me start back in November of 2009 when we returned…. Jacob started going to Cipreses to try to start some Bible studies there.  Well, he had started 2 before he had to return to Charleston to be with me.  When he returned he has been so busy with finding us a house, getting the house ready for us, and now working with teams that he has not had time to restart the Bible studies.  However, he asked Francisco to take over for him back in February while he was in the States.  And Francisco has continued (he is such a hard working, faithful servant of our King).  Well, Francisco shared with us this week that 12 families from Cipreses have come to him asking for their own church!  And not only that, but asking that “the curly haired North American” be their pastor!  We were all very excited and emotional about this!  This has been a prayer for many over the past year, that a church would be established in Cipreses, and here it appears that the Lord is working it out.  To quote Francisco, “God does not always call the qualified.  He calls those with the heart to serve Him.”  Although Jacob is humbled by this request and does not necessarily feel qualified, he knows that the Lord will equip those He calls!  We are praising the Lord for this!!  Please join us in prayer over this, not only for our preparations, but that the Lord would open up just the right house to have church in there.

Also, our first team that we are going to host is coming tomorrow!  I am so excited!!  We have spent so much time in preparation for this and now they are getting ready to arrive!!!  🙂  Please pray for us this week!  We are so excited!!  Please pray for the people in San Gerardo where they will be serving this week.

As far as my health goes, I had some tests done last week and went to the doctor today to discuss the results.  I have been going really hard and I must say, I am a little sore, but I am feeling great considering my lack of sleep and excitement over work!  It has been decided that I need to start a new medication, so that I can continue to work my way off of Prednisone.  So I am hoping the Glenwood group can bring it when they come in another week.  Please pray that we can work all of this out.  And pray for my body as I transition to another medication.   Gotta run….I will update with pics when I can!!


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3 responses to “What a week!

  1. Janet Smith

    July 6, 2010 at 4:40 am

    Dear Sis Court-What a delicious report of what God is doing ! I am having some needed changes in meds,too. So it makes it easy for me to remember to pray for you. Some of the quotes of the comments of those you labor with show much wisdom and it is proof that formal education is not the only way to get wisdom for use in the Kingdom. Hearing what’s going on w/you guys is a great blessing to me.Love and prayers, Bis Sis Janet.

  2. Dale McCoig

    July 8, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    It is awesome to see our Lord bring His vision to fruition in Cipreses!!! We have been praying for a while that our Lord will raise up His people into a church there – so that Christ may be exalted. Thank you, and Jacob, for your surrender to Jesus! It is convicting, humbling, and motivating to the rest of us whose hearts are for the Tico’s of Irazu! Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.
    In Christ’s Love,
    PS – I am planning to pick up your medicine on Monday.

    • courtenayfolk

      July 8, 2010 at 9:30 pm

      Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to seeing you all too 🙂


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