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The Big Question

We have added a new page to our blog entitled “The Big Question.”  It is our prayer that you will read it and consider it seriously.  If we can help you with this in any way or you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Our week with Enon!

We have just finished a fabulous week with a group from Enon Baptist in Easley, SC.  They were a hard working group that worked in the town of Cot for the week!  They were able to paint the outside of the library where Francisco holds church.  They also held kids clubs with a great turn out of an average of 30 kids.  And some of the kids that they shared with even showed back up for church on Sunday!!  It was so exciting.  Here is their picture!!

Enon Baptist mission team!

And for those of you keeping up with the jalapeno eating contest…..  The last team to come through was the Enon team!  So they had 4 contestants trying to beat the old record!!!  Well, their pastor, Scott Willis is the official winner for the summer contest!!!  He blew all other contestants out of the water!!  His official count was 42 jalapeno slices with the closest other contestant eating 34!!!  Way to go Scott!!  You are the official winner and have bragging rights until next year!!!  LOL!!!

The champ!!

Please keep the prayers coming for my health and the mission going on here on the Irazu volcano!  The new Sunday morning Bible study going on in Cipreses has been so encouraging and all the new believers there are so eager to take in every word taught from the Bible!!  God’s work has been amazing this summer and we are praising the Lord for all of the teams that have come to work on the volcano!!!  God used each team member tremendously and He continues to bring fruit from your labors here!!  I am sick for the first time with a cold here in Costa Rica.  God has been good to have provided some Zyrtec here to help me with this.  Please pray that this does not turn into an infection.  Also, I have had a bit of a flair up, but each day I am improving – Praise the Lord!!  He is so good!  Living on the missionfield with dermatomyositis has been such a time for me to grow in His grace and love.  It continues to draw me closer to Him.  All praises to Him who created us all and who continues to work in each of our lives for His glory alone!!

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Meet Andre

Me and Andre

Me and Andre

This is a photo from today after church of myself and one of the newest members of our Christian family.  He is a glorious testimony of how awesome our Lord and Savior is!!  Andre and his family opened up their house for us to use as our place to have our Sunday morning Bible studies in Cipreses.  We started having Bible studies there about 3 weeks ago.  When we started, Andre was very interested in what we had to share.  He looked very sickly and even one time needed to go get his inhaler to make it through the service.  About a week and a half ago he prayed to receive Christ as his Lord and Savior!!  Last Sunday he looked physically like a different person.  His color was better and he just looked happier and healthier!!  He hung on every word that was said in the Bible study.  After the Bible study I shared a little with him from my counseling experience about how he should handle battling alcoholism.  I gave him a daily battle plan consisting of reading his Bible and spending time in prayer.  Especially in moments when he was facing decisions about drinking and spending time with his old friends.  He seemed so encouraged by all of the prayers and the time spent with new friends in Lord.  Well, today after Bible study I asked him how his week had gone.  He is so honest and open.  He said that each day is a struggle, but that he had not had a drop of alcohol in 1 week.  This is who I had asked you all to pray for in my last blog and we so appreciate all of your prayers.  Andre is a true testimony to God’s goodness and God’s strength.  He is taking it day by day.  I had encouraged him to memorize Scripture and Lizzie made him sticky notes with pictures on them to mark Scripture that he felt helped encourage him during times of hard decisions and desires to drink.  I asked him had he done that.  He quoted to me, “If God is for us, who can be against us.”  He did not even hesitate.  He also said that he has been reading Psalm 23 a lot.  He again did not hesitate.  I am so happy for Andre and for the work the Lord is doing in his life.  I am humbled by the fact that God continues to use our family to bring others to Himself and encourage and help new Christians.  I am also so encouraged by all of the teams that continue to work on Irazu.  Right now we are working with a team from Enon Baptist in Easley, SC.  They will be here until Thursday morning!  The work the teams have done this summer has just been amazing.  Each one has been a blessing not only to our family, but to the people who live on Irazu.  God has used each team and their gifts and talents for His glory and to draw those like Andre to him.  Thank you to all of you that have been praying and to all of you who have come to work.  We are all working together for God’s glory alone!


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