Our Calling – God’s miracles!

Early in 2007 God laid it on our hearts to move our family outside of the “Bible belt” to be a witness for Him.  We began praying and trying to discern His leading.  We looked into moving to various different places, but God did not open any doors for us to walk thru.  We continued to pray that God would guide us and for Him to make it clear where He would have us go.  In August 2007 Jacob went to Costa Rica with our church.  When he came home he felt confident that this is where our family was being called to go.  We discussed it with our pastor.  He was very excited and agreed with our calling.  He got us in contact with Global Outreach International.  Meanwhile, Jacob began to pray that God would sell our house with out us putting a sign in our yard.  Courtenay laughed!!  At the same time, we went in search of purchasing a computer so that we could be in contact with everyone and learn the language with Rosetta Stone (which we did not know how we were going to pay for!).  We got a phone call from Jacob’s brother wanting to know what type of computer program we were hoping to buy to learn the Spanish.  We told him Rosetta Stone, but we did not have the money to buy it right now.  He said that he had the program and was not using it and we could use it as long as we needed it!  Blown away and encouraged we continued the computer search.  While we were out feeling lost in the computer world a friend of ours called Courtenay’s cell phone and announced that “God is providing you with a computer!”  So within a matter of minutes God had provided us with a computer and Spanish lessons!

Later…we received a phone call from a couple that we did not know saying that they felt that God was sending them to us to buy our house!!!  We had not even started to clean the house or prepare it for the market.  We were getting ready to leave the next week for trainning in Mississippi with Global Outreach and were planning on putting it on the market after we got home!  The couple came by later in the week, saw the house and within a couple of days put an offer on the house.  God had done it!  In this slow market, He sold our house miraculously with out us putting it on the market!  With all of these events we knew that God was assuring us of our calling to Costa Rica. 

We knew that it was going to be quite some time before we were going to leave for Costa Rica.  The couple that bought our house allowed us to rent from them until the end of December and then we were going to be homeless!  We were not even sure how to pray about where we were going to move to because we wanted to sell most of our furniture and stuff because we did not want to have to move it and then sell it!  In November Courtenay was speaking with a friend from church and the friend mentioned her mother’s house.  Her mom had been moved to an assisted living center back in May.  Courtenay asked her if she had ever considered renting her mom’s home out.  She replied imediately that she wanted us to live there.  Courtenay tried to get her to consider rent, but she said that her mother would love for us to live in her house and for us to be able to live there rent free!!!  We were again blown away by God’s provision for us.  And by the love that our friends were showing us!  We moved in on December 31, 2007!  God is so good!

Since then we have continued to watch God move people’s hearts for Costa Rica.  We are so excited about sharing what God is doing in our lives and is  doing in Costa Rica.  It is our duty to obey and follow His leading and we are trying our best to do just that.


2 responses to “Our Calling – God’s miracles!

  1. jen

    April 8, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    i am in tears as i read this. our heavenly Father is so HUGE!!! whatever it is….He is BIGGER!!! and he always blesses obedience. what a blessing to read of His faithfulness as you begin this journey. to God be the glory!

  2. Kyle

    April 8, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Great job Courtenay! If I need computer help I’ll be calling you! Looking forward to keeping up with you guys as you make this exciting journey.


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