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Roadtrip turned aggrivation, turned to surprise blessing!

So a couple of days ago, we decided to go for a drive with the kids out of our area to just have some relaxing time as a family.  In all our time here on Irazu, we have never taken a day to spend time with the kids and relax.  We decided that we wanted to take the kids through the mountains that we can see on the other side of the valley.  It is easily done and we were into the mountains within about 15 – 20 minutes.  It was a beautiful drive, one that went up to over 10,000 feet in elevation.  Then it went down the 10,000 feet to the other side of the mountains.  We all were having a great time.  We relaxed and played together as a family.  Then, when it was time to head back, the car started having BIG problems!  We knew we were not going to make it back over the mountains.  We could hardly get out of first gear and the car had a ton of black smoke pouring out of the back and it sounded horrible.  We tried just buying some coolant and more oil, hoping that would help.  In God’s providence, the new bottle of oil spilled all over the floorboards and never got into the car and we were in desperate need of way more help.  So we found a safe place for the kids and I to stay while Jacob went in search of a mechanic.  We had known for a while now that we were going to have to replace the motor, but we had been putting it off.  And sure enough the mechanic said that our crank shaft had broken and it was a HUGE fix, so we started praying about replacing the motor.  We called my parents, thinking we did not have the funds to do so and thought that we could borrow the money from them until we had the funds and would repay them.  We called Johnny and he said to just call Global Outreach and see if we had enough funds to replace it.  So I called Marla at GO and I was so nervous.  However, Marla was excited!!  She said that I would not believe how people had responded to us letting them know about our financial situation!!  She said that before our February paycheck, insurance and taxes had come out of our funding, we had received …… brace yourself ….. almost $11,000!!  Guys you are amazing!!  GOD is AMAZING!!  God knew we needed a new motor, He knew we needed our paycheck, He knew, He Knew, HE KNEW!!!  So needless to say, our account has already taken a hit, but to quote Johnny, “God never gives us extra.  He gives us what we need.  Sometimes He provides when we need it, sometimes after a need arrises, and sometimes before we have the need!” 

We now have the car fixed!!  When I drove it yesterday, it was amazing.   We still have to tweak it a little in that it is a newer motor in an old car, but all in all, it is fabulous!! 

As far as our financial situation goes, we are so amazed, humbled and blessed by your giving hearts!  We are so encouraged and thankful.  Our prayer is that the Lord would raise up more monthly supporters so that we will not get back into the situation we just found ourselves in.  Please join us in that prayer.  If you would like to become a monthly donor, please contact us or Global Outreach to let us know so that we can account for it in our planning.  For all of you that have faithfully supported us, THANK YOU!!  You guys have been there for us financially, spiritually, prayerfully…. we could not be here without you!! 

Eph.  3: 20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Here are some photos of our breakdown!  These were taken at a temporary mechanic’s shop out in the countryside as we prayed for the Lord to get us back to the nearest big city where we knew we could get major help for the car!


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Costa Rica Christmas 2010

Please watch our newest video!

Many of you know that we work with very special orphanage in Costa
Rica run by Victor and Melba Guzman.  Well, this past September Scot
Farris and I discussed how we could bless the orphanage for Christmas!
And boy did many of you guys answer our call for them!!  I have made
a video of our Christmas at the orphanage!!  We were able to not only
buy each child their very own toy, but also purchase them new blankets
and pillows and treat them to KFC (a big treat because there are 38
people in the family, not to mention the volunteers!), and we got them
a new set of bunks for one of the boys room!!  It was one of the
funnest things we have been a part of and you guys made it possible!!
Thank you to all of you that participated and for all of you that
support us so that we can be there and help facilitate ministries and
blessings like this!!  God is so good!!

Here is a link to watch this video!!  This is my first attempt at
putting videos on YouTube!!

Isaiah 9:6 (New International Version, ©2010)

6 For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful time of year when we can gather together and express all of the reasons that we are thankful to our Lord for His provisions!  He has not only provided for our physical needs and blessed us with wonderful families and friends, but He has supplied for all of our spiritual needs with the finished work of Christ on the cross to forgive our sins!  The thing that we are most thankful for!!

Here in Costa Rica, they do not have the Thanksgiving holiday, but we are celebrating none the less.  We are going to have a few tico friends over and I am going to attempt to cook an entire feast – including cooking turkey for the first time!!  We not only want to share with them this United States tradition of a big day of food and perhaps play some football americano, but also share with them how God has blessed us and how we owe Him everything for all that He has given us. 

God has truly blessed us with another year in Costa Rica of service for Him.  At this point, Jacob leads 11 Bible studies each week!!!  That is amazing and a huge answer to prayer!  The kids enjoy going with him to some of these and they enjoy playing soccer each week with the kids in Cipreses!!  The kids and I are enjoying homeschooling and I am thrilled with my health progress!!  In the last couple of weeks, I have been able to chase the kids around like I used to and play ball with them!  I am feeling better than I have in over a year!!  God is so good!

We have been so blessed by great friends and family that love us from a distance and continue to pray and support us!  Thank you so much!!  God is using you mightily here in Costa Rica, even though you are in the US.  We are praying for you as you pray for us!! 

Colossians 2:6-7

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

Here are some recent photos…

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New Videos!!

We just made a new tab for videos of the work here!!  There are 4 new ones!!  Check them out and enjoy!!

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Our week with Enon!

We have just finished a fabulous week with a group from Enon Baptist in Easley, SC.  They were a hard working group that worked in the town of Cot for the week!  They were able to paint the outside of the library where Francisco holds church.  They also held kids clubs with a great turn out of an average of 30 kids.  And some of the kids that they shared with even showed back up for church on Sunday!!  It was so exciting.  Here is their picture!!

Enon Baptist mission team!

And for those of you keeping up with the jalapeno eating contest…..  The last team to come through was the Enon team!  So they had 4 contestants trying to beat the old record!!!  Well, their pastor, Scott Willis is the official winner for the summer contest!!!  He blew all other contestants out of the water!!  His official count was 42 jalapeno slices with the closest other contestant eating 34!!!  Way to go Scott!!  You are the official winner and have bragging rights until next year!!!  LOL!!!

The champ!!

Please keep the prayers coming for my health and the mission going on here on the Irazu volcano!  The new Sunday morning Bible study going on in Cipreses has been so encouraging and all the new believers there are so eager to take in every word taught from the Bible!!  God’s work has been amazing this summer and we are praising the Lord for all of the teams that have come to work on the volcano!!!  God used each team member tremendously and He continues to bring fruit from your labors here!!  I am sick for the first time with a cold here in Costa Rica.  God has been good to have provided some Zyrtec here to help me with this.  Please pray that this does not turn into an infection.  Also, I have had a bit of a flair up, but each day I am improving – Praise the Lord!!  He is so good!  Living on the missionfield with dermatomyositis has been such a time for me to grow in His grace and love.  It continues to draw me closer to Him.  All praises to Him who created us all and who continues to work in each of our lives for His glory alone!!

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Week with Glenwood!

Sorry for the delay in posting a new blog about our week with Glenwood!  We have been really busy.  However, that does not mean that we did not have a great week working with them and they did not bring tremendous glory to our Lord this past week!  We were so excited about the teams arrival and they worked so hard here.  They went door to door sharing the gospel in Ciprese and Santa Rosa.  They conducted a men’s and women’s Bible study.  They played with and encouraged the children at Don Victor and Dona Melba’s house!  They played soccer in Santa Rosa and again the gringos won!!  We may need to start loosing or they may get discouraged and we don’t want that!!!  LOL!!  They had a great time!!  This group also ministered to our family!  They were so sweet to our children and our family!  They were such a pleasure to work with.

And for the chili jalapeno eating contest results…… I know you all are really anticipating this….. 🙂  They had two contestants in their group and two different strategies (I will not tell strategy!!  LOL!)  It ended up being Kristen that triumphed for their group!  Not only did she triumph for their group, but she also beat Victor from Mt. Airy’s record!  On a side note, she is such a tough little lady that earlier in the week, she fell in the rain and hurt her wrist.  Pastor Dale’s wife Marianne is a nurse and she encouraged her to get it checked out.  I also let her know that we had a family doctor in San Jose and I would take her personally to him if she felt she needed it looked at.  I talked to Pastor Dale today and he said that she went to the doctor back in SC and that her arm is broken!!!  She is one tough cookie!!!

As far as my health goes, please keep me in your prayers.  I have gotten back into some pain.  I am putting off going up on my Prednisone.  I am doing better today than I was yesterday and yesterday better than the day before, but I really do not want to have to take more Prednisone.  I have started the new medication Methotrexate and my body seems to be handling it well.  So thank you for your prayers for that.  I have been so encouraged by you guys’ prayers and encouraging words.  Thank you!

Please also just continue to pray for the work here on the Irazu volcano!

A new team is coming in on Saturday from Mt. Airy!  26 people strong!  And mostly high school and college students!!  Please pray for their time here!!

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Another Fantastic Week in Costa Rica!!

What another fantastic week working for the Lord in Costa Rica!!!  This week we were able to host our first team in our house!!  The brave team to be the first was a wonderful team from Unity Baptist Church in Mississippi.  They were such troopers!  No complaining!!  Even when two ladies did not understand for three days how to get the hot water to come out of the showers!  They just patiently waited and finally asked, “Do any showers have hot water?”  And Kelsey was able to show them!  By the way, next week an electrician is coming to hopefully install “widow makers” in the back three bathrooms, so hot water in all five showers!!  Yay!  They also seemed very content with my cooking!  I had purchased extra bread and peanut butter and jelly in case someone did not like or want what I had scheduled to eat.  And you know what?  No one used it!!  The group was happy to pitch in and help out where ever/however we needed them to, in the kitchen or cleaning or whatever.  They were awesome to have in our home.

They were also hard working in the towns of San Gerardo, Cot and Cipreses.  They painted the inside of the library that Francisco has church in Cot.  It looks wonderful with fresh new paint!  They also went door to door spreading the gospel in San Gerardo and Cipreses.  On Thursday they met a bunch of kids in San Gerardo and challenged them to a soccer match for Saturday.  One great thing about planning it in advance was that we had time to recruit some ticos to be on our team 🙂  We had Monica, a young lady that is our new neighbor and her boyfriend Manrique, Suling, and Egidio on our team!  Amazingly, we won!  6 to 3, I believe that Egidio scored 4 goals and Jacob scored 2.  We also had an amazing goalie in Casey which the kids said was too big because he was so tall and blocked amazingly!  It appears that everyone had a great time.  The kids on the San Gerardo team kept saying, “Let’s just play for 5 more minutes!”  They were not used to loosing and we were not used to winning, so we were happy to quit when time was up!   Not to mention the elevation difference!  They are probably a good 1000 feet higher than our house and our house is already at around 6000 ft above sea level!

Another neat thing that has happened between the last two teams is that as we go out, we have been taking along with us local teenagers to help us with translating and spreading the gospel.  It was such a blessing to have Monica (our neighbor) join us.  We have also had another young lady named Maria join us.  She is a member of the church in Boqueron.  To me, there is nothing sweeter than to see the young people being involved in the work of spreading the gospel.  Last night at dinner Maria shared her testimony with a few of us and it too is so wonderful to see God working here.  It is always wonderful to hear the testimony of how someone comes to trust Christ as their Savior.   God is so good.

The Unity Baptist team flies out on Tuesday and a team from Glenwood Baptist in Easley, SC is arriving on Tuesday!!

Oh and for those of you keeping up with the jalapeno eating contest on chili night, Casey gave a valiant effort, but he was not able to beat Victor from Mt. Airy.  We are not telling the amount of jalapeno slices that need to be eaten to beat Victor, but he has set the bar high!  So we will see who challenges Victor’s record from the Glenwood team and keep you informed!!

We also just found a place in Cipreses to hold a church!!  Praise the Lord!  We hope to have our first service either this Sunday or the next!!!  Our long term goal is to have a Tico take over this church so that it can be long lasting here in Cipreses, so also please pray that God would raise up just the right man for the task!

As far as my health goes, the team from Glenwood is bringing my medicine for the next 9 months!  I will be starting Methotrexate (the new medication) on Wednesday.  Please pray that my body will easily handle this new medication so that I can continue to work my way off of Prednisone.  Thanks!!  🙂


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