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A Day Blessed By Prayer

We are so blessed by our Lord and Saviour.  He has not only called us to the mission field of Costa Rica, but we also have been blessed to study Spanish at a school where each class is usually opened with prayer.  Today, September 11, was especially meaningful.  We started out the day with prayer in my gramatica class.  It was special because Jung prayed for us.  Jung is from Korea, so naturally he prayed in Korean.  It was beautiful.  Even though I could not understand most of what he was saying I knew that the Lord could.  I was so moved by it and many of my classmates were as well.  Here I am in Costa Rica studying Spanish and struggling with all of the memorization and figuring out just how to pronounce the alphabet and our Lord is so huge that He already understands every language on this planet.  The Korean couple that is in my class is learning Spanish in English.  Their first language is Korean!  That would be like me learning Spanish in French!  But to the Lord it is nothing. 

Later during chapel we had a time of praise and prayer instead of a sermon.  We broke up into groups and shared and prayed for many things, but especially for unity as Christians and for the United States.  We were split into, I don’t know, maybe 7 or 8 groups and we were all praying at one time as groups.  It was not intentional, but this hit me.  Here I am trying to pay attention to my group and I could not listen to more than one person pray at at time.  But the Lord, he heard and understood it all at the same time.  He could hear each individual voice without any struggle.  I thought I wonder if this is what it always sounds like to Him.  Groups of believers crying out to Him at the same time and he can hear it all.  My “ADD” brain again picked up on the Korean couple praying.  So at that point not only were there many people praying to our huge God at the same time, but I could hear it in another language.  It was awesome.  It was beautiful.  And we were speaking to God!!!  How huge is that?

Have you considered what a privilege it is that we can talk to God?  That He can understand us, even our deepest thoughts and feelings!  AND He cares!  He cares so much that He sent His only Son to the earth to be sacrificed for our sins.  So that we could have the privilege of communion with Him.

Our God is so good, all the time.  Good days and bad.  Even on September 11, 2001.  Things in this life can be painful.  Things in this life can be joyful.  Pray for your joys and sorrows.  For your friends and enemies.  Let’s take it ALL to God and praise Him.  For He is Glorious!!!


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