The Big Question

The BIG Question

If you were to die today, do you KNOW where you would spend eternity? You CAN KNOW that you WILL live forever in heaven.

It’s simple! Do these 4 things:

1. Admit your need. (I am a sinner.)

2. Be willing to turn from your sins. (Repent.)

3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross and rose from the grave.

4. Through prayer, invite Jesus Christ to come in and control your life. (Receive Him as Savior and Lord of your life.)

Here’s a simple prayer that you can use if you are having trouble getting started:

God in heaven, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and have fallen short of Your righteous standard. (Romans 3:23) I deserve to be judged for eternity for my sin. (Romans 6:23) Thank You for not leaving me in this state, for I believe You sent Jesus Christ, Your only begotten Son, who was born of the virgin Mary, to die for me and carry my judgement on the Cross. (John 3:16) I believe He was raised again on the third day and is now seated at Your right hand as my Lord and Savior. So today I give you my life entirely to the Lordship of Jesus.

Jesus, I confess you as my Lord and Savior. Come into my life through Your Spirit and change me into a child of God. (Romans 10:9-10) I renounce the things of darkness which I once held on to, and from this day forward I will no longer live for myself, but for You who gave Yourself for me that I may live forever. (Galatians 2:20) Thank You, Lord; my life is now completely in Your hands and heart, and according to Your Word I shall never be ashamed. (Romans 1:16)

Being Heavenly Minded

If you just confessed that with your mouth and believed it in your heart, you are now saved!!!
Every angel in heaven rejoices over just one sinner who repents and comes into the kingdom of God. Your name is now written in the lamb’s book of life in heaven, and you are now a child of God, and an heir to his mighty kingdom. (Galatians 4:3-7) Through what Jesus did on the cross by shedding his blood for us, we are now called friends of God and back in right standing with the father.

Rejoice my friend, for your eternity has just been forever changed. Surrender your life to him daily. Seek to know him, serve others and always keep on praying. Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your heart and mind daily and to give you revelation as you read his word, the Holy Bible.

Dedicate yourself to his purposes and plans and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the gifts that your heavenly father has given you, and dedicate yourself to using and developing them for his glory.

Draw near to him and he will draw near to you. (James 4:8) To the extent that you hunger for him will be the extent that you will know him and recognize his voice and will be able to obey his commands.

Desire him above all things, be desperate for him and move forward by faith in all ways. Trust, believe, rely on and obey him, and forget not all of his benefits. In his right hand are pleasures forever more.

Live with an eternal mind set rather than a temporal one. Rather than focusing on earthly things that are perishing as we speak, store your treasures in heaven where no one can steal. Deny yourself and carry your cross daily. Choose to live a life of righteousness and make a decision to overcome the ways of this fallen world.

Honor him in all you do and acknowledge him in all your ways and he will make straight your paths. Above all things guard your heart and keep it right, pure and holy.

You will never regret this decision, for the Lord is good to all those who call upon his name. Whom the son sets free is free indeed. Go and let your light shine before men, and be the light of the world as you are commanded to do, and bear good fruit for the kingdom of God.

And finally, love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul for he alone is worthy.


One response to “The Big Question

  1. Mary Learn

    August 20, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Thanks, Court, for a simple prayer. This is very helpful for some who don’t really know what to say, or get tongue-tied.
    God Bless you.


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