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New Videos!!

We just made a new tab for videos of the work here!!  There are 4 new ones!!  Check them out and enjoy!!

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Flying back to Costa Rica!!

Here are some pictures of us waiting in Charlotte to fly back to Costa Rica!!  We did great with the weight of our luggage!  Everything was between 49 and 50 lbs!  I had to wear 3 shirts to get my clothes all back, but it is worth it!!

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We have moved into the mission house!

Over the last two months our home church has been remodeling an old home on the new church property to make it into a mission house!  We were able to move in yesterday!  It is such a huge blessing to have a place to call our own while we are back in SC!!  Thank you to everyone at Mt. Moriah Baptist for this blessing!!  You guys are awesome!! We have finally moved out of our suitcases after a month of living out of them!!   Here are some pictures of our home for the next 2 months!!

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We are back in SC

We arrived last night around 1:30am at Jacob’s parents house.  The kids did great on the planes and in the airports!  Monica was there to pick us up in Columbia when we arrived and drove us to Jacob’s parents’ house.  We arrived to cumphy (not sure if that is a word) beds and a great night’s sleep.  We woke up around 10 SC time, but that is 8 to our bodies.  The kids were excited that their Grammy had Lucky Charms for them for breakfast and Jacob and I enjoyed Raisin Bran!  Oh the little things.  Then all of the kids got to take long baths!  Another luxury they are not accustomed to because we did not have a bathtub in our house and few Costa Rican homes do.  They were so excited!

Please pray for our time here, that we would bring glory to God with all of the work that has been going on in Costa Rica!  We have about 17 speaking arrangements already lined up and we would love to share with even more.  We are praising God for this time in the States and are celebrating the time and calling that we have to Costa Rica.

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Lemonade is sweet, but….

God’s love is sweeter.   That was the theme this week of a group of 3 – 5 year olds from Columbia, South Carolina.  What does that have to do with us in Costa Rica?  Well, a friend of mine from high school, Ashley Lindler, messaged me on facebook a couple of weeks ago to ask if I could share over Skype with her group of 3 – 5 year olds from Columbia First Baptist summer camp.  I, of course, was happy to do that.  With the time difference of 2 hours between here and South Carolina, I would be able to speak with them at 7:30 here and miss just a few minutes of my first class.  Easy peasy!  They were just adorable!  Well, earlier in the week I had seen on facebook where Ashley had posted pictures of her children holding a lemonade stand with a sign that said, “Lemonade is sweet, but God’s love is even sweeter!”  How cute is that?  When I mentioned to them over Skype that I saw the pictures they told me that they were doing it to raise money for us!!  I was so shocked!  I started crying!  I think it is so amazing that these little ones were working so hard for missions here in Costa Rica!  They ended up doing 3 lemonade stands and raised a total of $277.46!!  Can you believe that?  These were 3, 4 and 5 year olds and they are making a difference for Christ at such an early age.  Their efforts will benefit missions in Costa Rica and the children that we are serving here!  That is why I think it brought me to tears….these little ones already working for the furthering of God’s kingdom and look what they did!!  So amazing!  What amazing lessons these little ones are learning and teaching!  Such a fabulous way to be spending their summer vacations.  I love the idea of getting kids and families involved in missions.  This has truly blessed me and my family.  And I am thinking that they may even inspire some of the readers of this blog….what do you think?

Here are some pictures of these cuties!!  Thank you guys so much!

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Snow in Costa Rica?

Well for those of you who know where we are currently you realize that these pictures were not in fact taken in Costa Rica.  We are in South Carolina.  We have gone from the tropics to snow in March in South Carolina.  It started snowing around 4:30 Sunday afternoon, but we decided to go anyway to speak at Providence Baptist about 30 minutes away.  Well, they decided to cut the time short and have just us share and then leave and when we were done and got outside it was like a winter wonderland.  It was beautiful!  It was very hard driving home in the snow, but we made it home.  Amazingly, we had power all night and we got up the next morning and played in the snow and even built a snowman.  Being that we were not expecting to come to South Carolina and have snow, we did not have all of the needed snow gear.  Jacob, Lizzie and Gus managed to build the snowman without any gloves!  Brrrrrr!  We are having a great time and have been tremendously blessed on our trip so far.

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4th of July 2008

What a great last holiday in the states!  It started with a party at our friends Ray and Wendy Scott’s house!  We had a great time!  The kids got to play and we all got to hang out!  We then went to see the fireworks at Trinity Point!  They were fantastic!  On Sunday night our church had a church picnic and a softball game with the teenagers against the adults.  We did not keep a close score, but I think that the teenagers won!  It was great fun.  I think that everyone had a great time!  Here are some pictures from both events!

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